Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sunday's Soup/Chickpea and Kale Stew

The downside of traveling can be the lack of healthy food. While it's fun to splurge a little (I did get some fried oysters in while I was away!), getting back on track always makes me feel so much better. 

A while back, I came across THIS recipe for a Chickpea Stew from Healthier Steps. The blog is written by Michelle who was born in Jamaica. She loves blending European and Caribbean cuisines. Her recipes have been featured in Parade Magazine, The Huffington Post, Epicurious, and many others. 

The stew is DELICIOUS!!! I did make a few minor changes...

My changes are below in red.

Whether you decide to add the chopped kale or not, 2 cups of water will not be enough. 4 cups may be sufficient if you don't add the kale, so add a little at a time until the stew is the consistency that you prefer. 

And one last addition, I added a few slices of avocado. Just perfect!

I served the stew with stew on one side of the bowl, and brown rice on the other side, topped with the sliced avocado. We stirred it all together and then dug in!

The stew is, as I said, delicious. It's hearty, satisfying, and yet not too heavy.

Be sure to check out Michelle's blog. There's a page for natural remedies, including a great recipe for a natural orange cleaner. On her recipe page, you'll find everything from main courses to a super tempting recipe for Vegan Pumpkin Donuts. I'm in!!!


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  1. Being an almost vegan (not ready to give up cheese), I look forward to your soup recipes, having tried most of them. Thank you for sharing, they have all been delicious and I look forward to giving this one a go.......Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. Anna, I am so honored!
      I too don't want to give up cheese. One of my favorites comes from a tiny little creamery in Zittau, Wisconsin call Union Star. They have a 5 year aged sharp cheddar that makes my mouth smile 😊
      I took my leftover soup to a friend's house last night as there was enough left to feed 4. My girlfriend took one bite and said, "oh my goodness is this delicious!" Hope you enjoy it as well.

  2. I have just checked out her blog and I am now VERY hungry! I think I can get The Management to eat this when Jess comes home. She will be very happy :)

    1. If you would like, you can always fry a little bacon and top off the stew for the management :)