Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Tea Towels For Christmas

For those of us who enjoy giving a gift not only from our hearts, but from our hands, I think we can all relate to this... 

All too often, my desires have been much larger than my capability :)

I especially enjoy giving a little gift to someone who really doesn't expect anything. Last year, I ordered a bunch of tea towels from Spoonflower and had the best time giving them to friends. 

I just received an email from Spoonflower announcing that their Tea Towels, actually all of their fat quarters are on sale!!!, a 2 for 1 sale.

That means you can give a very thoughtful gift for only $7.00. I think that $7.00 for a smile is a great bargain :) 

I just combed through all 48 pages, and here's a few that I purchased.

For my sewing friends. You can find the towels HERE

I especially love vegetables and any type of fun vegetable print. You can find the beets HERE

The turnips HERE

This may end up staying in my kitchen as I absolutely love this print. You can find it HERE

For a friend who has a French country kitchen and loves roosters. You can find this towel HERE.

For a friend who lives in the mountains. You can find it HERE

The cardinals were available last year as a 2016 calendar. I was happy to see them bring it back for 2017. This one will brighten up the kitchen of a friend who has had an especially difficult year. 

I bought a few more, but these were my favorites. 

The sale will run from today through November 9, 2016, so don't delay!!!

Happy Holiday Sewing!

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  1. I got this email too. Spoonflower FQ sale is the best. I'll be ordering a few too. I've also gotten prints that weren't designed as tea towels and hemmed the edges and turned them into tea towels. I kept 2 for myself. One I got last year was from an artist that uses pressed flowers in her designs. It's my favorite towel and I'm glad when it comes up in the drawer.

  2. I have a cap pattern that fits the cotton/linen fat quarter; 50% sale? You bet! I make a lot of bags out of ecocanvas fat quarters (I have a backpack made from two). This sale makes a lot of the spendier things a deal, and some of the fabrics are wide enough that a fat quarter gets a lot done (half of 54" is good enough for me!) Runs through November 9th: I am adding items to the cart as we speak.

    1. Don't go too crazy ;) I think I am going to make a shopping bag out of the tomato tea towel. Would love to see the cap pattern that you use with fat quarters.

  3. Love this idea. Question on fabric choice...what is best fabric to select for tea towel. I am unfamiliar with some of the fabric selections and would appreciate advice! Thanks

    1. Hi Janice 😊 I purchase the Linen Cotton Canvas Ultra ($27.00/yd). Since you are only purchasing a fat quarter, with the sale price, each towel is only $7.00. The fabric is crisp when it arrives, but washes beautifully and holds up well too.

  4. Thanks for the heads-up Rhonda! I've ordered now for the first time & 2 of the designs are your suggestions. Cheers from Nova Scotia!