Saturday, February 2, 2013

Fabulous Free Pattern Friday

I'm a day late, but hopefully, better late than never...I always hope anyway!
Today I am doing a repeat of an early FFPF piece. As I've told you, Cennetta of http://themahoganystylist.blogspot.com/ is the chairperson the upcoming Haute Couture fashion show. She has decided to make one of my little patterns the group pattern. Each year, at least for about the last 5 years, the chairperson has chosen a pattern and then all who would like to participate are encouraged to make the pattern and interpret the pattern in their own style. The audience loves this as they are always amazed to see the unique interpretations that everyone comes up with. This year Cennetta wanted to add a little twist to the group pattern by encouraging everyone to try their hand at a little pattern drafting.
The pattern that she chose is the Any Which Way Top. You can see the original post with all of the instructions here,  http://rhondabuss.blogspot.com/2011/08/fabulous-free-pattern-fridays-but.html
Pictured below is that original top and the various ways it can be worn.

 It is made from a knit fabric. You can see that the neckline is rather low. This allows for the top to be worn over the shoulders as you see below. I wear a knit camisole under my top.
 The top can also be worn with the neckline draped to the back.
Last summer I made the pattern into a maxi dress. You can see that post here,   http://rhondabuss.blogspot.com/2012/06/fabuous-free-pattern-friday.html

Everything is exactly the same except I added triangles at the hem to allow for walking and I made an opening in the seam for the belt to go through as I didn't want the belt to go over the side triangle.
I recently made the top out of some stretch velvet scraps. The only difference with this top is that I added a band to the lower edge.
 With this top, it is very easy to see the side triangle.

 It can also be worn over the shoulders,
 or draped in the back.
The newest version is a 20's inspired dress. I am going to wear this dress today. As you can see, the dress is sheer. I must be crazy as it is 20 degrees outside!! Actually, we have our Haute Couture meeting today and I promised Cennetta that I would wear this. Wait until you see the shoes that I will wear with it.
 Everything is the same on this dress except for the following;
1. The neckline is not as low as the other versions, so I will not be able to wear it over my shoulders.
2. A band was added to the hip. I did not add ease to the hip band as I want it to rest on my hips and hopefully stay in place.
3. A rectangle was added for the skirt. To give the rectangle a little more flow, rather than make the rectangle exactly the same measurement as the band, I left it the full width of the fabric and added shirring on the sides. You can see the shirring below. To give the shirring a little more of a vintage twist, I did 6 rows of shirring. The threads were pulled to the back and tied securely.
Each of these pieces were all made with simple rectangles and triangles. Simple shapes that can give you a number of different looks.
As I said, I will be wearing this dress today, so I will post pictures later today. I can't wait to wear the shoes!!!!! A hint, they're pink velvet.

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  1. Wow- so many ways to do this and they are all lovely!

  2. I agree with prttynpnk !

    And I can't wait to see the dress on, with the shoes! I do love anything twenties-influenced ever since watching the British tv series "The House of Elliot".

  3. Fabulous variations. I do love the collar.

  4. Can't wait to see your shoes! This is a great top, loved Cenetta's versions.

  5. The shoes were fabulous--and the photos don't do justice to the silk chiffon version--oh, and the hat that Rhonda wore with the outfit? The perfect touch!

  6. This is lovely as always. I have loved the pattern since the original posting but I have a question and it is the same one Erin asked last March; "I'm having a really hard time visualizing just what you did with the sleeves. Are there just 2 triangles (one for each arm)? Is it cut on a fold (with the 20" side on the fold)?" I suppose with the fabric in front of one it would be clearer but I couldn't sleep last night trying to work it out!!!!! never a good idea thinking in the abstract, I know. Regards Bebe

    1. Hi Bebe,
      There are just 2 triangles, one on each side. The 23" is the length of the triangle(each side of that 23" is sewn to the sides of the 2 rectangles) and the 20" is the width. The triangle is not cut on a fold, but once you have cut it, you will then fold it in half, so the 20" along the top will now be 10" since it has been folded in half. Before you fold it in half, finish that edge. When this piece is folded in hjalf, there will be an opening in the top of the triangle which is where your arm goes through. I feel so bad that you were awake thinking about this. Nothing is more precious to me than sleep!! If what I have explained still does not make sense, please let me know. I have been wanting to make a video and maybe this is a good project to start with.

  7. Thank you so much for taking the time for this detailed explanation. So clever! and satisfying as geometry. I am going to give the top a go, top first then the dress which is a beaut be the way - so elegant and wafty (?), definitely springlike.