Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Search Has Ended!

Yesterday I posted this picture and asked for help with finding the fabric.
I also posted this picture as I wanted a little richer color than the one above.
Cornflower Blue is a bit of a cross between the dress and the overcoat that the man is wearing, but hey, beggars can't be too choosy! I also posted my plea on Facebook and wow are you ladies ever incredible! Thank you so much for all of your suggestions and help. Anne Kendall of Apple Annie Fabrics came through with a perfect wool fabric. Here's a link so you can take a look,  http://www.appleanniefabrics.com/wools/2009. It's 96% wool and 4% lycra so I'll be able to get a very nice fit. I am so excited. The fabric has been ordered, so if by chance you want some, don't worry, I should have all I will need. By the way, the fabric, actually all of her wools are 30% off. Here's a link to her home page,   http://www.appleanniefabrics.com/.
Just a little note about the sewing community. First of all, the sewing community is just the best! Just about every good thing that has happened in my life has come to me because of sewing. Name something I am involved in, and I can tell you how it was a connection I made because of a class I taught, a dress I made or a sewing group that I have been involved with that has lead to positions and experiences that have truly enriched my life.
Yesterday, I commented on The Wednesday Showcase about how much I appreciate the fact that Sue of http://sewqwk.blogspot.com/ spends so much of her time teaching young people how to sew. She sent back this note,  "I do love to share my sewing with teens and tweens. I get so much satisfaction from seeing their eyes light up and the creativity and fearlessness they have about sewing! I have been teaching/enabling teens for almost 5 years now and while the older ones seem to go off to other things at about 15 years old, I know one day they will be back, like us, sewing, and hopefully sharing!" For all of you who teach, you are not just passing on a skill, you are opening doors of opportunity!

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  1. I do visit your blog.. it's a nice blog. I like what you post.
    Hartelijke groeten uit Nederland. Elizabeth

  2. Thank you for the intro to Apple Annies - what a beautiful selection!

    And congrats on finding such a perfect match so quickly :)

    1. Hi Jilly, I hope I didn't tempt you too much!
      The thanks goes to the online sewing community. I asked and they jumped on my request like a dog on a bone. In less than 24 hours the fabric was found. They saved me countless hours of searching. Incredible!!

  3. very nice material and on sale, what are we waiting for. Oh ! just to Elizabeth ik ben frans en mijn man woont in Belgie. Deze blog is rijk ik hou van alles wat Rhonda doet. This means I am french and my companion lives in Belgium. This blog is rich and I love all that Rhonda does.

  4. Another fabric retailer?
    First I'm tempted to say Oh no!, but then again, I'm also tempted to say - great, thanks!