Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Morning Inspiration

This is my favorite of the three Spanish pattern catalogues that I have. There are a number of lovely pieces in this particular catalogue. I could not find a date, but I am sure that it was published in the mid to late 1940's. In the lower left hand corner of the catalogue it says, "Publicationes Mundial, Barcelona (Espana)." That is the only information I can give you other than what you see below. Enjoy your scroll through. I adore the jacket on the right below.

I love the style lines on the coat above, the drop shoulder with the band at the bottom, so lovely. I also like the pockets on the jacket in the middle and I think the pleated detail on the coat is also very interesting.

Take note of the neckline detail on the far left dress above. I like this a lot!

Most of the pieces in this catalogue are very everyday pieces, not the over the top, country club dresses that we saw in the Modes Royale catalogues, but I still think they are so very lovely.
Wishing you a wonderful week.

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  1. Love the catalog. Question for you -- if it's a Spanish catalog, why is so much written in French? I think I'm seeing French....

    1. I am not sure, but I think the catalogue I posted last week and this one are from France, but printed in Barcelona. I wish someone could tell me a little more about them.

  2. There are lots of details on these vintage fesses.. The bodices in particular have a lot going on. Lots of inspiration, thanks for sharing.