Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday Morning Inspiration

I had promised pictures from my Spanish pattern catalogues and I will be posting them, but I really wanted to post this today. I came across the first video that is posted below and I was enchanted. I found it so lovely to be able to see the women of the twenties move. The clothes are lovely, I think you'll enjoy it. Then I found three other videos that are also quite interesting. None of them are very long so it won't take too much out of your day. 
The ad with all the hats I've had for quite some time so I decided to include it with this post.
My husband has a subscription to "The Restorer" which is produced by the Model A Ford Club of America. He laughs as I usually grab the magazine before he can get his hands on it. They always have an article on vintage 1920's fashion. The pictures below are in the current edition. I thought they were especially lovely. They also have a wonderful article on the corsets that were worn at the time. I have asked for permission to reprint the article as I think many of you will find it interesting, especially since so many of you are making undergarments. If I am given permission, I will post that after I post the Spanish pattern catalogues. 
I hope you enjoy this little walk back through the twenties! 

Notice the draping of the skirt hanging from underneath the coat. Such an emphasis was put on the swish of a dress. Just goes to show that we can be sexy and alluring without showing EVERYTHING there is to show.
All of the hats that you see in the add below can easily be reproduced.
The first clip is so charming. The clothing is lovely and there are a number of great ideas. It's only 2 minutes long.

There are some wild feather decorations in the video below. This video is also 2 minutes long.

The fashion show below is nothing like the shows of today, but it is still charming and the clothes are lovely. This video is only 1:30 long.

The clip below is a bit of a history lesson, but a good one. It reminds us of what the women of the 20's fought for and in turn changed how we live our lives to this day. It's about 7 minutes long.
I am probably the only person in the world who has not seen an entire episode of Downton Abby. For the first time, I was able to see the show last night. If you enjoy the 20's fashions as much as I do, the program is worth watching just for the spectacular recreations of the clothes.  
And finally, I was looking through the current issue of Country Living magazine and I came across this picture. Modern day women living the dream that many of the women of the twenties could only dream about.
Reprinted from the March 2013 issue of Country Living Magazine
What: Fedoras, bowlers, porkpies - you can have just about any style lid custom-made at this gem of a boutique, which has been on the same city block since 1918.
Who: Friends, Abbie Dwelle, Kirstin Hove, Olivia Griffin, and Wendy Hawkins (pictured from left to right) had long been charmed by the neighborhood institution. So when the ladies learned four years ago that owner Micheal Harris planned to close the store, they pooled their resources and bought the place. Harris repaid the favor by mentoring the budding artisans for six months before passing the torch.
Why: "Hats are still functional and fashionable," says Griffin. People are once again caring how and where products are made, which works in our favor."
Our foremothers would be so proud!
Have a wonderful week!

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  1. Such interesting fashion! I am not a "retro" girl, but I have noticed that retro has crept into some of my wardrobe, especially in my hats.

    1. Yes, but you make everything look hip and now.

    2. BTW, do you know about the hat shop at the end of the post? It's in SF.

  2. great post especially as I am going to be sewing an Art Deco inspired wedding dress for my wedding in May. Great clips thanks.

  3. These videos are awesome. My great grandmother was a fashion designer, and I have some lace flapper dresses and head pieces as well as a lace parasol she designed that we found in her attic when my aunt died many years ago. The lace is exquisite on all. Plus the beading is remarkable.

    Thanks for sharing again

  4. What a wonderful opportunity for the four women. Thanks so much for all this "good stuff".

  5. Love your post I love the 20's the hats....so nice