Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sculpted Beauties

My March issue of Vogue magazine arrived about a week ago. It's always a good day! As I went through this issue, a huge one by the way, I was quite intrigued by how so many of the new pieces that are coming out for spring have a very sculptural feel.
Below are some of my favorites.
First up, Donna Karan.
 I adore the drape of the dress below.
 Structured and yet soft from Givenchy.
 Sculpted ruffles from Balenciaga.
And almost an identical look from Givenchy.
 More sculpted ruffles from Gucci.

Very structured pieces from Lanvin. Note the color blocked dress in the back ground and the jewels accenting the bottom portion of the dress. The black and white dress on the left has very interesting lines.
A nod to sculpture could not be any more noticeable than the piece in the back ground, but I especially like the yellow and black one shouldered dress on the left.
Great style lines and fabric make this dress from Akris very interesting.
 A structured and yet soft dress from Carolina Herrera.
Art and fashion always seem to go hand in hand.
I always love my Vogue magazine, but this one was espcially interesting. There's more that I'll share with you in a few days.

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  1. Some of those seem to be taunting wardrobe malfunctions!

    1. Too funny!! For those of us who are a little less fashion forward, we would put on a top;)

  2. Great pieces and my favorite is the Akris dress.

    1. That dress would look fabulous on you. You should recreate it!

  3. I agree with Sheila. The one from Akris is my fave too. And I love that the model is wearing ballet flats. I may have to buy this one. It appears to be a good one. I enjoy those sculpted looks. Like a wonderful art magazine.

  4. Hi, how do you think they achieved the strong structured lines in the dress (background one with the yellow and black one shoulder number)? I saw that in the magazine and still can't quite figure it out. I'm thinking maybe an inset seam? Thanks!

    1. I wish I could see it a little better. It may very well have an inset seam.