Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Tea Box Tote

 I began with this......
 a box I received from Mighty Leaf Tea. I usually order the 100 count boxes. I really like tea.

And I ended up with this.

 The " fall corsage" is removeable. The acorns I found on a hike.
Over the weekend, I took another class with John Koch. By the way, the most wonderful, the most gifted and the most generous man I know. If you are ever in Chicago and can arrange to have some friends join you, I strongly recommend that you take a class from John. He makes purses, gloves, hats, the most spectacular silk roses, well, you name it and he pretty much makes it.
 The purse without the "corsage."
 The bottom with feet.
 The interior.
 I decided to add a mirror. Too fun.

A close up of the handle and the fabric. The handle I bought from Soutache here in Chicago. Sadly, she no longer carries purse handles.
I just love my bag!
I also made this bag with John. His method is wonderful. I have used and used this bag. Traveled with it, you name it, and it has held up like a workhorse. It's leather.

Another view.

Another bag I made using the same technique. I also made a matching coat for this bag. If I can remember, I'll post a picture of me in the coat with the bag. Today I look like something the dog dug up so no pictures of me!!
All of you who asked for wristlet patterns should have them now. I hope that I get to see pictures.
For all of you who are followers, I have a small surprise tomorrow. It'll be fun!

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  1. Hi Rhonda, I got your email this afternoon. I'm looking forward to making this in time for holiday parties!

  2. Oh oh oh oh oh! Please tell me you are going to have or do a tutorial on making that marvelous tea box into very pretty box! :) Unless this was from a class you mentioned by John?

    Very cool!! :)

  3. Thanks for the comment CJ. The design is actually mine. I did take a class with John and he helped me work out some bugs. I will do a post on what is involved in making the bag. It'll be a couple of weeks though. Thanks for asking.

  4. That box purse is *amazing*! And the purse handle - perfection! Love love it.