Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Scrap Happy 1

Back in October I bought this issue of Country Living magazine. What caught my eye was the twist on the pumpkins. Such fun.

For the little green calico pumpkin in the lower portion of the picture, they instructed you to find a fabric, theirs was a Liberty of London fabric, photocopy it and then decoupage it to the pumpkin. The pumpkins aren't real pumpkins, but the "Funkins" that you can buy at craft stores.

As I read the instructions, I thought, there is no way I am going to go to the trouble of photocopying fabric, I do have plenty to spare. And besides, what a great way to use scraps!

So I started with the "funkin". I just happened to have a hat stand that would work perfectly as a drying stand.

All I did was rip strips of fabric that were about an 1 1/2 wide. I used an old brush and a jar of Mod Podge. Very generously apply the mod podge to the funkin surface and lay a strip on. Once the strip was on, I brushed mod podge over the strip which seals the edges of the fabric.

Continue to work around the funkin.

Once I had the surface covered with strips and mod podge, I was going to allow the mod podge to dry and do another coat, but I was quite liberal with the modpodge and there really was no reason to add another coat.

In the end, I thought it made for a nice, unexpected touch to my fall flower arrangement.

I don't know if there are any funkins to be had at this point. I should have posted this sooner. But, maybe file the idea away and give it a try next year. A great project to share with your children, or for the kid in you!

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  1. How cute! And a lot simpler than the stuffed pumpkins I've sewn.