Friday, November 18, 2011

A Quick Update

This will be this week's second pattern. A friend asked if I ever make mistakes. You betcha!!! I'm going to ask for forgiveness as I will post the instructions to this jacket tomorrow morning. I was putting in the second sleeve and I realized that I had put the first in on the wrong side. You know the feeling when you've done something, well, kinda stupid, the head falls in disgust as you realize the work that will be involved in correcting what you've done followed by a few let's say, choice words. When I saw what I did, I realized that I'm tired and that it will be better to post the instructions tomorrow morning when I am rested.
The jacket has a great, adjustable collar. This is my second jacket. The first I have worn out, so you can see that it's a favorite. So, please forgive me and come back tomorrow morning for Fabulous Free Pattern Friday, a day late.
I'll have a picture of me in the jacket in tomorrow's post.
Thanks so much!

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