Saturday, November 26, 2011

Past Meets Present

As the week draws to and end, I thought I would post a few pictures that will give the mind a little break from the week that is now behind us and the hectic days of December that are before us. Some of the vintage pictures I found on Pinterest and sadly did not write down who posted them, so I cannot give anyone credit for finding them. So whoever found them, thank you, they are lovely. 

The fitting lines of this suit are incredible. Talk about making a waist look tiny!

The button detail on this jacket really sets off the princessline seaming on the jacket.
This coat is quite dramatic. Notice the sleeve detail and the back pleats are sensational.
There's a LOT of work in this coat, but I think it would be worth the time spent to copy it. Make sure to notice the detail of the belt.
The cape/coat is so dramatic. What a wonderful idea. Maybe not the hat though!!
The double collar on this jacket is so feminine. Lovely.
Such a lovely suit with wonderful lines. I especially love the pleats on the skirt.
And the past meets the present. An absolutely incredible dress. The draped sleeves are so lovely.
This dress looks like it stepped right out of the 1930's. I especially like the draped neckline and the caplet sleeves.
And finally, this little suit from Chanel. Such a lovely, feminine suit.

Hope you are all having a lovely, and as peaceful as it can be weekend.

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  1. Interesting vintage styles, thanks for sharing these.