Friday, November 25, 2011

Fabulous Free Pattern Friday

The Felted Necklace
I hope that all of you who are here in America have survived the Thanksgiving holiday. This morning on the news they talked about a woman who brought pepper spray with her in order to get the item that she wanted. Well, happy holidays. Incredible. One more reason to stay out of the stores and make lovely gifts at home.

This is such a simple necklace to make and yet I think it looks incredible.
You will need 4 colors of wool felt. I found a great resource for merino wool felt here. Felt On The Fly has some wonderful colors. Merino wool is so soft and unless you are allergic to wool, you shouldn't have any problems with it being itchy.
You will also need beading wire, a closure and 2 crimps to secure the wire. I used two beads at the ends of my necklace, but this is not necessary, your choice.
Begin by cutting strips of the felt 1/2" wide. Lay 2 strips together,
and begin to fold.
In the crease of the fold, lay the 3rd piece of felt,
and continue to fold. I would not fold more than 3 pleats as it gets a little difficult to hold. Cut the 3rd piece of felt so that it will stop at the crease of the last fold.
Fold up the 2 pieces of felt,
and cut.
Push the beading wire through the top section of the folded felt with a strong needle.
This is the beading wire that I used. I bought it at a local beading store. I'm sure it's available everywhere.

As you can see, I started off with folds that were about 1/2" and then increased the size as I went around. I also did mine in an asymmetrical shape.

On part of the necklace I kept the light gray on the outside,
and on part of it I changed things up a bit and put the black on the outside edge.
You can also add a little punch of color. Where I used the red, I made only one fold and put 3 layers of red felt inside the fold.
Once you have the shape and length that you desire, add the clapse.

And you're finished. Really quite easy, it just takes a little time to do.I think it took maybe 2 hours, so not bad. 
Have some fun with the idea. I think some beads between the folds would be really nice.
Good luck if you decide to give it a try.

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  1. Beautiful necklace, Rhonda! Thanks for the inspiration (and directions, lol).

  2. This is amazing.