Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Thrifty Thursday Recap

When I was in the first grade, our teacher gave us a little math assignment, figure out how old we would be in the year 2000. The year 2000 seemed like more of an idea out of science fiction rather than an actual date on the calendar. Now here we are saying goodbye to 2015. The 21st century has become commonplace. Just think of all that wasn't possible just 15 years ago. I love this new era that we are living in. I love being able to connect with people all over the world. 
Just 15 years ago, I would never have dreamed of being able to access a pattern on the internet, download it, cut it out and make it up. Amazing! I absolutely love doing the Thrifty Thursday posts. It gives me the opportunity to discover new pattern lines, and hopefully bring a little something fun into your life as well. So here's a look back at the free patterns that were showcased during 2015.

2015 began with me sick. But I covered my face as well as the horrible fever blister I was sporting and shared with you this super cute winter hat. I need to make another as I gave this one away...washed it first though :) This project is perfect for upcycling old sweaters, and it also works well out of fleece. You can find the post HERE.
Perfect for Valentine's Day or just a little memento of love, the free heart pattern from IThinkSew. See my post HERE
I absolutely love this free skirt pattern from Tessuti! In fact, you might think it's the only skirt I have as I wear it so much. In the post I also did a little tutorial and adding a lining. You can find the post HERE
The next piece we did was this little raglan sleeved top. In the upcoming weeks, I'll get a picture of me in the top. It really is quite nice on. I made a few changes which you can see HERE.
My beloved Kantha Jacket. I went back and forth about cutting down the collar and finally just left it alone. I get so many compliments on this piece. 
This is the first jacket that I made. It's a free download from Sew News. You can see all of my posts on the jacket, HERE, HERE, and HERE.
Last winter, my husband bought himself a vest. He raved about how much warmer he was when he wore the vest. I just couldn't see how he could be that much warmer in a garment that had no sleeves. Well, I started wearing his vest and found out. Rather than completely hijack his vest, I decided to make one for myself and use the free pattern from The Purl Bee. I lengthened the vest and added the elastic to the back for a better fit. You can find the post HERE.
When March rolled around, I was ready to start making some things for summer. I could not have been more pleased with the free t-shirt pattern from iCandy. Great for scraps that are too big to throw out and too small for much of anything else. You can find the post HERE.
I loved the top so much that I decided to make another, but give the back a shirttail hem. You can find the post HERE.
The peasant dress/blouse pattern from Martha Stewart was a favorite over the summer. People at the grocery store probably thought it was the only piece of clothing I owned. So easy to slip on. Find the post and pattern HERE.
In April I made the free Tate Top from Workroom Social. For me, the back was a little too cut out, but easy to fix. The piece works well as a top or a dress. I wore mine with a skirt and tights. So I guess I didn't wear the peasant dress ALL the time ;) I like how the darts radiate out of the neckline. You can find the post HERE.
After the team at Martha Stewart redeemed themselves with the peasant top/dress pattern, I decided to give the pajama pants pattern a try. It's now my favorite pajama pant pattern. I love this particular pair so much that I will actually take them off in the morning, and wash them so that I can wear them again that night. You can find the pattern and post HERE.
After a bit of a hiatus, I finally did this free hooded scarf pattern. I no longer own this one, but I have another cut out and ready to be sewn up. Just love it! You can find the pattern and post HERE. The pattern includes a size for children too! 
The last Thrifty Thursday piece of 2015 was the Cat-Eye Pouch from Thread Riding Hood. Such a great piece for customizing. 
I made a bag for my mother for Christmas and included a customized pouch for her as well. The only change I made was to add a clip and wrist strap. Worked out so well as the bag can actually hang from the ring on the handle. I actually had it hanging inside the bag, but she just wanted to include it in the picture. You can find the post and pattern HERE. A makeup, accessory pouch that's perfect for everyone on your list. You could even make up a few generic bags and have them ready for whenever you need a quick gift.  
So that's it for the 2015 Thrifty Thursday posts. I'm looking forward to a new year and lots of new patterns. 
BTW, if there's a pattern that you've found that you would like to see me try, just leave a link in the comments below.
Happy Sewing!

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  1. These are brilliant patterns. Thank you for sharing them. I do love that hood and will make it when I unpack my machines. That is a lovely dress, no wonder you wore it all summer. Xx

  2. Just taking a minute to say thanks for all the patterns and tutorials. I made the black/white tote bag for a friend. Did take photos and plan to post them. I'll be sure to let you know when it gets to the blog. Happy New Year, Rhonda!

  3. Your inspiring post got me to thinking of how much I enjoy being connected to other sewists like you. Since sewing is mainly a solitary hobby it's so much fun to click on my computer and 'connect' with my sewing buddies from all over the world. Although I'm an experienced sewist I'm constantly learning new techniques and gaining marvelous inspiration! We are so lucky. Karen

  4. What a great array of free projects! Thanks so much for sharing them. Sewing is such a great, but (ahem) sometimes expensive hobby! It's so nice to have options that are free to everyone.

  5. Everything is so beautiful! I have tons of jersey scraps that I could mix and match for some tees.