Monday, December 7, 2015

Monday Morning Inspiration/Christmas Gift Ideas

It's already December 7th!!!! December flies by far too quickly. 
When it comes to making gifts, I think many of us are a little like the child who sits down to a table full of their favorite foods and piles their plate sky high, only to find that their eyes could take in far more than their stomach. I think may of us have aspirations of making beautiful gifts for everyone on our list, and then fall short due to time. 
I thought I would post a few of my favorite Thrifty Thursday pieces that are super fast to make and would make a great gift.
I absolutely love this faux fur collar. It works beautifully over a coat as well as a blouse. You can find the post and pattern link HERE.
Of all the hats I've made for Thrifty Thursday, this is my favorite. It's super cute out of fun summer prints and makes a great winter hat done in wool. You can find the post and link to the pattern HERE.
This is an easy to make purse that I have really enjoyed using. You can find the post and pattern link HERE.
My favorite pot holders. Super fast to make and they can be customized for the person to whom they will be given. You can find the post and pattern link HERE.
Anyone who is having a baby would love to receive this little bonnet. And once the child out grows the bonnet, it makes a bonnet for a doll. You can find the post and pattern link HERE
I use this little bag all the time. Would be great for a teenager who will be going to prom next spring.  The post and pattern link HERE.
I ended up giving this hat away, that's how much everyone liked it. So I really need to make another. Great upcycling project. A fun idea would be to use an old sweater that a child loved, and repurpose it into the hat. You can find the post and pattern link HERE
I know that a lot of you are making pajama pants for your family. If by chance you don't have a pattern, I really like this pattern from Martha Stewart. I've made my third pair for myself, and my husband's getting a pair for Christmas. Find the link HERE.
I no longer own this hooded scarf, but I'm making another!! Great for adults and children. You can find the pattern link HERE.
One of my favorite little accessories, this faux fur collar makes up in no time flat. This was from a Fabulous Free Pattern Friday post, so no downloadable pattern. But it's just a rectangle and the balls are just circles. Super, super easy to make. Great for big and small girls alike. Great for using up faux fur scraps too. You can find the instructions, HERE.
I think that's a nice round up of great gifts that can be made in minimal time. I know I would enjoy receiving anyone of these, especially since I no longer own what I made in the first place ;)

The skirt posts will be back next week. I've just about finished the red skirt that was posted HERE

Happy Holiday Sewing!!!

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  1. EVERYTHING IS BEAUTIFUL, Rhonda!! Happy Sewing!!

  2. Thanks for all the beautiful patterns. I am really going to make both of the fur collars and the hat/scarf thing. They are all amazing. Xx

    1. Everything is like instant gratification pieces, easy and fun. Happy Sewing!