Saturday, April 11, 2015

Thrifty Thursday on Saturday/Free T-Shirt Pattern

Over the past couple of years, I have been absolutely amazed by so many of you who have taken on the challenge of not purchasing any ready made clothing. I have not jumped in as there are pieces that I buy from time to time, especially for skiing, that I would rather not make. It's not that I can't, it has more to do with the fabric that's used. I get cold so very easily and I have found pieces that keep me warm like nothing else can. But, with all of that said, I really do make most of my clothes. It has become a very rare situation that I purchase something and I think that's a good thing.
I have a t-shirt pattern that I drafted some time ago that I use to make lots of tops with, but since I haven't gotten to the point that I can make that available to you, I thought I would look around for a very basic t-shirt pattern that was not only a great pattern, but free!! And I found one. The pattern line, Skinny Bitch Curvy Chick was designed for the petite woman, so typically, someone who is 5'4" tall or less, and has a shorter torso, legs and arms. There is a free t-shirt pattern offered on the site, so I thought that although I am not a petite person, I would give it a try and the result is that I REALLY like this pattern. The pictures below are from the SBCC website.
Not only does she offer 1 free t-shirt pattern, she offers 2! Even better. The first version is a basic long sleeved t-shirt. You can find the pattern HERE.
The second is a basic short sleeved t-shirt. You can find the pattern HERE. The pattern is basically the same as the long sleeved version, it just takes the guesswork out of determining how long the short sleeve should be.
I included the line drawing for you.
The pattern is very easy to download and especially easy to tape together. The taping will take less than 30 minutes. Here's a schematic of the pattern once it has been taped together. Take note that she has also included a neckband pattern. I just love it when all the pieces are included!!!
I still need to hem my top, but other than the hems, it's finished and as I said, I really like it.
 The neckline is quite nice, not too high and not too low.
If you decide to download the pattern, a few things to keep in mind.
The sleeves were perfect for me, but I have short arms, so you will most likely want to lengthen the sleeves. I took mine in just a little at the waistline. I do not have a short torso, in fact, I will quite often spread my patterns at the waist if the pattern has a defined waist. I did not have an issue with the waist of this pattern being too short. If you are very long waisted, you may want to slash the pattern at the waist and lengthen it an inch or so.
One thing that I like about the pattern is the length of the front and back. They are long enough that you can scrunch your top along the hips when wearing jeans, and since there is a little extra length, you won't feel that your top is going to ride up when you move.
This is a great basic pattern that can be used for all you t-shirt making needs. Make a bunch in different colors and you can even layer them, one of my favorite things to do. So although this pattern  is intended for a petite frame, don't shy away from it if you are not.
Pictures of me in the top will hopefully come in just a few days :)
Happy t-shirt making!!!

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  1. That is a really useful wardrobe staple. It probably wouldn't take long to draw out a custom pattern but I think I will just print this instead! The neckline is perfect. The standard high, round neckline looks awful on me so this should be just right. Thanks Rhonda­čśâ

    1. I really like the pattern. I'll be interested to hear what you think. Good Luck!

  2. Thanks for the link and recommendation. I like the neckline. I've shied away from SBCC because I was not petite. Glad to know you had no problems. I'll print it out and compare to another pattern I've made before. After yesterday's closet clean-out, I need some new t-shirts. But first I need to finish my slip. :-)

    1. I have been going through my things and clearing out too. No need to hang on to old, dingy tee shirts!!
      Can't wait to see your slip. Be sure to send a pic!

  3. Wow, thanks for the glowing review of the Tonic 2! I am so happy you like it!

    1. You are more than welcome :) I enjoy introducing people to great patterns.