Monday, April 27, 2015

Monday Morning Inspiration

A few weeks back, I did a Monday Morning Inspiration post on lacing details. So many of you found the garment pictured below quite interesting. Yes, the yoke is from a pair of shoes!! 
After I did the post, I decided to Google the image and try and learn a little more about the person behind the design. Her name is Adrienne Antonson. She has a clothing line called State and she is also a very accomplished sculpture artist. I found her to be so fascinating and thought that you too may enjoy a closer look.
As I researched her work, I came across this video of her 2012 winter collection. I thought I would share it as I found it quite interesting and I loved seeing the clothing move. It's quite short, just a little over 2 minutes long. Beautifully done.

STATE // Fall_Winter 2012 from Hilo Media on Vimeo.

Adrienne was featured in a Design Sponge article which you can see HERE. My favorite picture from the article was a shot of her sewing machine.
I think that the shot of her sewing machine coincides with her design philosophy.
"For the label of clothing I design, STATE, I choose to use sustainable materials and local manufacturing.  All garments are made in the New York Garment District, or in the STATE studio in rural Georgia. Each piece is one of a kind or part of a limited batch, and is finished off with hand cut tags, natural dyes, hand painted patterns, and other sculptural and unexpected details.  STATE aims to create pieces that you wear for years – season to season, trend to trend. They’re practical, utilitarian, and unique.
While my sculptural work is quite different from my design work, both processes are meticulous and result in detailed pieces that encourage consideration of the materials.
My sculptural work focuses on making life-like objects from human hair and other non-traditional fibers.  I work with human hair because of its immediacy, its beauty and flaws. As an artistic material, human hair is remarkably resourceful.  The material never fails to attract and repulse almost simultaneously, a response I enjoy. As I continue to work with hair, it encapsulates the survivalist notions I find compelling and am excited to explore." 
A few pieces from her current collection.

Her sculpture work is fascinating. You can see more of her work HERE and learn about the medium that she uses to create these pieces.

I never would have thought that a top made from repurposed materials would lead to such an interesting and talented person. But then again, anyone who sees a yoke in an old leather shoe has to be a truly unique and fascinating individual.
Have a wonderful day!

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  1. I love the sculpture - it seems almost magical! It's interesting to read her perspective on the properties of human hair that make it a material she's attracted to it. Thanks for bringing such a talented artist to my attention...

    1. I was really impressed too! So happy you enjoyed the post :)

  2. Thank you for taking t time to find out more about this lady Rhonda. Fascinating, and beautiful work too.

  3. Thank you for this introduction, Rhonda. Her inspiration is very La Boheme and I like that.