Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Wednesday Showcase

WooHoo, today is April 1st!!!! Although the calendar says otherwise, April 1st is the official first day of spring in my book :) There's just something special about this day. It makes me happy to say, "it's April 1st!" And then, my favorite holiday of all, Easter, is just around the corner. I'm trying to decide whether or not I'll whip up something fast for Easter. I do love a new dress for the day. I have a new hat, so maybe a new dress is in order. We'll see.

I have 2 very special ladies to introduce you to today. I think you are going to truly enjoy meeting them.
First up is Sarah of https://sewsarahblog.wordpress.com/ Sarah loves vintage patterns, floral prints, and she is very generous with her time.
Sarah makes the sweetest dresses for herself. Below is a New Look pattern,
and this cute Butterick pattern. This dress represents a getting out of her sewing funk. Boy, have we all been there! Nothing like a cute, well fitting garment to get us back on track.
As I said, Sarah is quite generous. she made this super sweet little dress for a friend's daughter who was turning 1.
And this itsy bitsy bikini for her sister. But, truth be told, this was a bit of an experiment as she had never tried making a bathing suit. If only all experiments would turn out this well!!
Take a few minutes to scroll through her blog and read the story about this thimble and tracing wheel. It's a very sweet story about the connection between a grandmother and her grandchild.

Next up is Siri of http://pinhouseplaymate.blogspot.no/ Siri is from Norway and was born above the Arctic Circle. She loves nature, simple things and especially her horse, Slim Shady. Her sewing career just began in 2013!!
Siri is up for taking on any challenge and she does so beautifully. Below is her second attempt at this vintage blouse. She said that she is no longer intimidated by buttonholes. That's an incredible accomplishment, as I know many who are still intimidated by buttonholes after 50 years of sewing!!!
She said that her second round of making the blouse was so much better than the first, but I think the first looks rather spot on perfect!
Siri loves to knit. Please take a minute to scroll through and see some of her incredible creations. It'll make you want to pull out your knitting needles.
She made this dress for her birthday. There were a lot of firsts in this dress, her first lined bodice, her first pleated skirt, her first dirndl skirt and she combined 2 patterns to create the dress. What a great success!
And finally, I almost fell off my chair when I saw this incredible creation, wow!, wow!, wow!!!! Is this adorable or what?!!! The top is a Mrs. Depew and you can download one for yourself HERE.  
So, how's that for an April 1st kick off? I know I'm inspired!

Have you heard that if you say, "Rabbit, Rabbit" on the first day of the month that luck will follow you all month long? Give it a try, what do you have to loose?!!! 
Happy April Everyone and....Rabbit, Rabbit!!!!!

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I do love that last retro look! So cute! :)


    1. I am in love with that pattern!
      I hope the great rabbit follows you all month long :)

  2. Thank you so much for showcasing me! Wow! I really didn't expect finding myself here on your excellent blog! I am humbled and flattered by all your kind words:)

  3. Everything is so pretty! Just in time for this beautiful weather.

  4. Thanks so much for such a generous post. You have truly made my day. I hope you have some lovely sewing plans in the pipeline for Easter oxox Sarah

    1. I'm so happy :) The Wednesday Showcase posts are something I truly enjoy doing.