Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Wednesday Showcase

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!!!
Well.....it SNOWED!!!!! this morning :( Now, truth be told, this isn't the most unusual event for Chicago this time of year, it does happen, although not often. But, when it does...it's just so disheartening. I have beautiful blossoms on my cherry tree, tulips are beginning to bloom, and the robins are busy building their nests. I think this is the winter that just doesn't want to go away. But it will and I'm sure we will end up with some ungodly hot days this summer that will have me dreaming once again of winter. I guess I'm never satisfied ;)
Now, for something very uplifting and inspirational, The Wednesday Showcase! Wow, do I have 2 super creative and lovely ladies to introduce you to.
First up is Pauline from  http://sewuthinkucan.blogspot.com/ Just wait until you see what this super creative gal can do.
Pauline loves to participate in the Burda sewing challenges. This was a knock off of a Micheal Kors dress. I think Micheal Kors is in trouble ;)
 A knock off of a Baily44 Torres dress. Looks exactly the same to me!
 If Michelle Obama ever needs a stand in look alike, all she needs to do is call Pauline.
 And finally, I am in love with the stripe and floral combination. So very pretty.
Be sure to pop over and visit Pauline's blog. You'll be inspired and you can find all the info on how she goes about creating her knock offs of perfection!

Next up is Linda of http://ellegeemakes.com/  Linda is actually brand new to the blogging world, so please help me in a very hearty WELCOME!!!!!
Linda lives in Portland, Oregon
"where the rainy weather is a perfect excuse for indoor activities. If I could afford to, I’d wear only Chanel, right? Since that’s impossible, I sew. I love to make my own clothes, modifying patterns or designing my own.  Right now, my life has plenty of space for creativity, so along with sewing, I write, bake and sing  too. One thing seems to lead to another. I’ll often find inspiration for the story I’m writing as I’m wandering through one of the many wonderful fabric stores in our city. This blog is an ode to that process; a diary of the fun we have as we move from our moments of inspiration to the actual creation of a garment, a story or a cake! I hope with this blog to connect with and join the community of DIY fashion devotees who love fabric, design and creating clothes as much as I do."
Inspired by Betty Draper of Mad Men, Linda made this super cute coat.I like Linda's better!!! such a fabulous collar.
After reading that white is the new black for spring, Linda found a great piece of white quilted knit and made a super cute tunic dress,
using Vogue 8840. 
She decided to break up the quilted pattern with a trim. Perfect touch! 
Linda has only been blogging for just about a month, so be sure to pop over and give her a hearty welcome. The more our sewing world grows, the better it is for all of us.

Well, the sun is now shining and the snow is beginning to melt, so things are turning around.
Hope there's a little sunshine in your day too!

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  1. Thanks for introducing these two creative bloggers! I was in Chicago last weekend for more wedding prep, the weather was absolutely perfect then....patio dining at Uncommon Ground was a treat. Summer WILL come, I know it!

    1. We get a few absolutely lovely days, and then the bottom falls out. In a few more weeks, the weather should level out and we'll have lovely weather. Hope all is going wel with wedding plans :)

  2. Oh no, snow. Hope all the blossoms don't get burnt to badly and the birds are okay. Amazing bloggers. I love all the designer knock offs and that amazing coat. Xx

    1. I think my blossoms are going to make it, fingers crossed!!

  3. Thanks for the shout out, Rhonda! (XXOO). As a new blogger, I feel very welcome indeed. I hope the snow melts soon! It's supposed to be Spring, LOL

  4. I was looking for a new blog or two to follow. I am TOTALLY going to copy the stripe/floral outfit! Such talent out there in the sewingsphere!
    Hugs, Joy

    1. Isn't that striped tee adorable?!!! I'm
      Going to make one for myself too :)

  5. Thanks for featuring such talented ladies. I saw the Michelle inspired dress on IG this week and was so impressed.

  6. Oh wow, you have snow! I hope springs returns to you soon. Thanks for the new blogs to check out. I think Pauline's creations look better than those she was knocking off.

    1. I agree!!! Pauline is so very talented.
      Like I said, the hot days of summer are coming and I'll be dreaming of snow ;) It's a sunny day today, so although it's cold, it's pretty!

  7. Hi Rhonda! Imagine my surprise when I opened your blog feed today!!! I thought I was dreaming but no, it was my blog you were giving a shout out to! My kids were so happy! They've been very supportive of their sewing addicted homeschool mom!
    Thanks for featuring me on your blog! It means a lot coming from a uber talented lady like you!!
    As for the snow, I know how unpredictable the weather can be in the Midwest, having lived in Michigan for 10 years before moving to California! That's why I've been enjoying so much here!! Hang in there, it'll soon be gone!
    Thanks again! xoxo

    1. I had so much fun scrolling through your blog, but I didn't get far as I loved everything I saw!!