Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday Night Reflections

Life and Faith

A kid once asked a coach what was the best way to play baseball. He was looking for advise on how to throw the ball and hold the bat. The coach recognized his enthusiasm and simply said, "kid, just get out there and enjoy the game."
Prayer is much the same way. Our relationship with God is not dependent upon how well we do things, or if we say the right words. What counts is the prayer that comes from our hearts. We acknowledge that God is God and that He knows what He is doing. Then, as the Lord's Prayer says, let his will be done.
The best prayer we offer is one that seeks God's grace, guidance and will. We can ask for His healing, or we can ask for a special grace, but always remembering that more than anything else, we need to accept His will for us and those whom we love. At times it is easier to think that we know the answers. Our prayer reminds us that we are created, not creator. The course of our life is in His hands. So the best, most effective prayer we make is the one that heals our doubts, and our pride and opens us up to receive from the Lord his love and whatever grace He wants to give us.
                                                                            Author Unknown  

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