Saturday, March 9, 2013

It's Saturday, Where's My Sleeve?

I have a concert to attend tonight and I decided to wear my French jacket and the new shoes I bought two days ago.
The only problem was that for a function like this, I didn't have the right blouse to wear with the jacket. Enter Paco and his wonderful draped neck blouse and I am rescued. A bit of a knight in shining armor! You can find the pattern here,  http://www.etsy.com/listing/87575748/draped-top-pattern? I have made this blouse I think three times now. Such a lovely pattern and the blouse is perfect with a number of necklines.
As luck would have it, I had a piece of lightweight, iridescent silk taffeta that perfectly matches my jacket and skirt. Rather than getting today's sleeve together, I made the blouse. Sorry!
 I just can't believe how lucky I am on the match because the pieces were not bought together.
 With jewelry, I think this will look quite smart.
A few pictures to show how I finished the inside of the blouse. I made bias tape and finished the edge of the seams for the drape front.
Paco provides a back neck facing which I did not use, rather I used more of the bias tape to finish the back neckline.
 The shoulders as well as the drape were finished with the bias tape as well.
 Rather than doing a hem, I sewed the bias tape to the edge of the blouse.
And I also trimmed the edge of the sleeve with the bias tape.
 The side seams and the center back seam were finished with french seams.
And the final touch, the new shoes. We'll see how long it takes for my husband to notice the new shoes. I'll let you know :-)
I do have a fun sleeve to share with you, but it will have to wait until Monday.
And one last thing. I found out that it is taking Sew It All a little longer than they expected to get the videos posted. I was told that they hope to have them posted on Monday. I will surely let you know when they are up and where you can go to vote.
Thanks so much!

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  1. Where do I start? The blouse, the skirt the shoes, the jacket? All perfect.

  2. Lovely outfit! Enjoy your evening

  3. Rhonda, you must post a photo of you wearing your outfit. The shoes are fantastic, and the top really is a perfect match. Enjoy your concert!

  4. Ditto all of the above. Beautiful... the shoes are the best! I love the colours in the outfit. Please post a photo of you wearing it. Have a great time.

  5. Fabulous outfit and those shoes are To Die For!!!! Enjoy your event and please do post a photo!

  6. Love, love the shoes! Grat combo and I am sure you will look great!

  7. Given all the work that went into the binding on the wonderful blouse, I am impressed that you even made a post to the blog. Hope the concert was great! Love the shoes and wish I could wear those heels!

  8. Stunning! The blouse, the jacket, love the colors! And the shoes are the perfect little pop of color!

  9. What a STATEMENT...I L*VE THEM :)

  10. Fabulous outfit.
    You've inspired me to go buy some of Paco's patterns. It must have been meant to be. He has a sale on that ends today!

  11. Oh what a stunning outfit! That jacket is to die for and the blouse was really a genius addition :)

  12. Oo-la-la! Perfection divine!

    I say: He'll notice the new shoes in 20 minutes and 42 seconds... if at all, but then, I do not know your husband. *wink*

    Happy weekend!

  13. Amazing. I can't wait to see a picture of you in this outfit. I LOVE the shoes.

  14. It all looks wonderful Rhonda. and the inside of that top is so good I think you should wear it inside out!
    Hope you had a great time.

  15. I loved this jacket the first time I saw it and it looks equally beautiful with your new top. As for the shoes - I have a love of shoes too and love love your shoes.