Friday, March 8, 2013

Fabric Fun

Who can go to an expo and not come home with fabric?!! Well, me for one. At one point, someone asked me if they could help me and I said, "yes, I need help keeping my money in my wallet!" Actually, I really didn't over do it too much and the pieces I purchased are, at least to me, quite special. But first, remember this picture? Such a great dress!
As I told you Anne Kendall of http://www.appleanniefabrics.com/ saw my post and immediately jumped on my plea for the fabric. When I arrived home, the fabric was waiting for me and it is beautiful. This piece does not have the grey undertones of the dress in the picture, the blue is much clearer which is better for my skin tone, so I'm super happy. Now I need to get busy as I would like to wear this for Easter. That little girl who loved getting a new Easter dress is alive and well!  
The fabric has a lovely texture and just the right amount of lycra to give it the fit I would like. Anne is a great business lady. The fabric was shipped within 24 hours. I will be ordering from her in the future.
While at the expo, I came upon a great booth of fabric. The store is Billie's Designer Fabrics. They are located in Chehalis, Washington. Sadly, it doesn't look like they have a website. If I find one, I will post it as the ladies were lovely and their fabrics were even lovelier! Here is what I purchased,
 a great cotton and lycra print for summer pants. I love fancy pants!
When I first walked into the booth, they were cutting this piece of knit for someone. What I initially saw and was intrigued by was the back side that you see below. Then they opened it and that was all she wrote. The piece is a border print and it is slated for a FFPF piece.
Last, but not least is my favorite piece of all. This is a double sided fabric and the black pattern has a chenille feel to it.
I don't know which side I like better.
There was also a coordinating piece,
and it is also double sided, but I think I like the more pronounced black and white side the best. I think it will make a great accent.
I'm planning to make a spring, unlined jacket out of this fabric.
So that's the end of my little dog and pony fabric show. I didn't over do it too much, don't you agree?!! Come on, I need someone on my side :-) The fabric, the shoes, oh well, life is too short not to look pretty!!!
The last time I checked, the videos had not been posted on the Sew It All website. As soon as they get them up I will let you know. Thank you to everyone who has already gone and tried to vote for me.

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  1. All fabulous purchases and I await with baited breath the works of art which you will produce.

  2. Gorgeous fabic. Look forward to seeing them made up :)

  3. some wonderful pieces there I look forward to seeing them created into something beautiful.

  4. OOOH, pretty fabrics filled with inspiration, not that you need any. If that's all you bought, you did very well indeed!

  5. Love the fabrics.......especially the black and white!!