Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fun, Bizarre, and Quirky

I came across this site this morning and found it rather interesting, a bit bizarre at times, but interesting nonetheless. So for a little fun this morning, a few fun, bizarre and quirky pictures. I think some will make you smile and some may inspire. Enjoy! 
 Boney Gloves!
 I really like this coat.

A pineapple bag. Rather cute.
 Now, where can we get that fabric???
 Fur on our shoes...
and a dog around the neck.
Slash open the back of your skirt and add a petticoat. Might be a good idea for when your skirt is a little too tight??
 Not exactly sure of what I'm seeing on the bag.
 The pants are rather interesting.
 What is the fabric on this sleeve?
Not sure if this is supposed to be a before and after picture!!
 Nice back detail. Love the bound buttonholes.
 This snake never had a chance.

 Even cherries love the jungle.
 I think it is quite a feat to get your hair to match your outfit!
 Rather than carry a purse, just carry a picture of one on a bag.
 Here's an idea, get out the crayolas and color your own fabric.
Not exactly sure where this outfit was supposed to go.
 Sleeves on Saturdays!!!! Actually, you wouldn't need me for this one.
Heel protectors.
 Who needs hose when you can wear boots like this?
A bunny just in time for Easter!
 I actually love the green fern shoes, but I'm not to sure about all the beads below.
All of these pictures were taken by Tommy Ton. You can see more street style shots here,  http://www.style.com/trendsshopping/stylenotes/090711_Tommy_Ton_S2012RTW/

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  1. I think, if I were younger, I'd kill for some of those shoes. lol

    Great post!

  2. Great eye candy. Definitely not the kind you'd like to eat!