Thursday, March 14, 2013

Paco's Treky Dress Revisited

A few weeks ago I shared Paco Peralta's Treky dress with you. I love this dress!
A few of you had asked if I would post the changes I did to the dress and since I do love the dress and wouldn't mind having another, I made another!
For this dress I used a wool knit that I've had for some time and have wanted to use.
My changes to the pattern are really quite small.
Below is the dress made straight off the pattern. Nothing is terribly wrong with it, but it could fit my figure better. Yes, I am wearing my blue jeans under the dress!! I was too lazy to take off my boots, so the jeans stayed on.
 There is a seam at center back, so the first thing I did was to pinch in the center back seam at my waistline.
 I have tooth pick arms, so the sleeves are a bit baggy, they were taken up and tapered.
Sorry for the bad picture, but what I am trying to show is the cap area of the sleeve pooches out a bit on me so I took it in right at the shoulder seam on the yoke as well as the sleeve.
 Maybe you can see it a bit better in this picture.
 My underarm seam pinned in.
 I took in the side seams to give some definition at the waist.
 You can see in the picture below that I pinched out quite a bit at center back.
 A better picture of what I pinched out at the shoulder.
All of my changes were made and then I decided to accent the yoke on this dress with the red piping.
I laid out my buttons to determine how many I would like to have.
For my buttons loops, I made corded loops. To do this, you will need 2 times the amount of cord that is needed for the loops. I'm using a rattail cord.
 Cut a bias strip and sew it around the cord with the right side of the fabric against the cord.
 Sew across the end.
 Trim down the seam allowance,
 Now turn the fabric. Set this aside for a moment.
Sew twill tape on the seam line on both sides of the center back opening.
 Stitch exactly on the seam line.
Place pins where the buttons will line up with the loops. 
 My loops sewn in place.
Since there is a yoke, you will want to face the yoke. I was a little short on my fabric, but thankfully I had a piece of black wool knit. The sewing gods were on my side today! In order to not have to hand stitch down the yoke, I roll the dress into the yoke area and sew the facing to the yoke.
 The dress is sandwiched between the top yoke and the lining yoke.
 Sew the 2 yokes together. You will need to leave an opening in order to turn the dress to the right side.
 As you can see below, the opening does not need to be very large.
 The dress has been turned and all I need to hand sew is a small little area of the yoke.
 My loops are now sewn to the dress.
 The dress is just about finished. I like the fit.
 I'm still wearing my jeans!
 All I need to do now is sew my buttons in place, hem the dress and the sleeves, and give it a press.
I do promise to show pictures of me wearing the dress without my jeans!!!
As I said before, this is a lovely pattern and with just minor changes, it fits like a dream!!

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  1. How very beautiful! I love the red trim.

  2. Ooooo I love the corded loops! I even like how that sounds - "corded loops" - so technical and sexy at the same time!

  3. Gorgeous dress now beautifully fitted. You make it all look so simple, Rhonda. It looks great on you.

    1. Paco's pattern is so well drafted, so it makes anything I do easy.

  4. That dress is absolutely beautiful, and thanks for the careful tutorial with lots of pictures!!!!

  5. Whooeee! Super fabric combinations

  6. I love the treatment of the button loops at the back. I may copy this on the front of a planned dress.

  7. Thank you for your instructions. : )I really like seeing your interpretation and the button loops are a lovely addition. I've been wondering - would you line wool knit, or would you wear a slip? If not, wouldn't the wool stretch out?

    1. Thanks Brenda :)
      I do not line my wool knits. In the case of this dress, I do wear a slip under the dress and I have no problem with the wool stretching.