Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Morning After The Ball

The internet is a flood of pictures from last night's ball at the Met. As I went through the pictures, there were many that I thought, "What were you thinking?" I would rather be nice than nasty, so I thought I would do a fast little post on some of the dresses that I thought were truly lovely.
I think Jennifer Hudson looks absolutely breathtaking in this dress. My favorite.

I just love a true ball gown.

The dress is very pretty, but what I got a kick out of was Micheal Kors smiling away in the back ground. It's his dress by the way. To be honest, if a celebrity was wearing one of my dresses, I would be in the back ground smiling as well!!
In true Beyonce fashion, over the top. I love the feathers on the train. The overall dress is a little too sheer for my personal taste, but then, I'm not Beyonce!

The front of this dress is, for my taste anyway, okay.....
but the back is so beautiful. Although her back is the perfect back for the dress.

There seemed to be a number of yellow dresses. A lot of people don't care for yellow, but I do.

Not that my opinon counts, but these are my top picks of the evening. I think I may have to copy Jennifer Hudson's dress, just love it.
Have a wonderful day!

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  1. I agree, Jennifer Hudson's is my favorite, too!

  2. What happened to the fashion show you were coordinating?

  3. Gorgeous gowns and Jennifer Hudson looked stunning.

  4. Two snaps up! Beautiful gowns.

  5. My favorite was Sofia's. What's her full name? The sequins on that silver dress make me ill thinking about the work. That one is truly haute couture!

  6. I love the silver dress Sofia is wearing. What is her last name? The sequin work on the skirt makes me ill, thinking about about the time put into it. Truly haute couture!