Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fashion Show Recap, One

I received a message this afternoon asking about the fashion show that I have been working on. The fashion show took place on Sunday, May 6th and I died that evening. Yesterday I was a complete zombie. In fact, so tired and so depleted that I contemplated just not posting at all, but I felt that I wanted to try and get back in the swing of things, so I posted my normal Monday Morning Inspiration piece. There's something very therapeutic about just returning to the normal flow of everyday events. A very special thanks to Miss Anonymous, or Mr. Anonymous as the case might be. Your simple little question gave me the strength and the desire to take that last step of getting back on the horse and posting about the garments that I had in the show.
Last December I shared this pattern with you. It's the pattern that we chose as our group project for our club, The Haute Couture Club of Chicago. 
I posted this picture of me wearing the jacket. The fabric is ultra suede. I've worn it quite a bit. The fabric is wonderful and it looks just as good the next time I wear it as it did the time before. All in all, I am very happy with the jacket. You can see my original post here. When I made the jacket, I had just enough fabric, well, not exactly but I was able to at least get the jacket made. I really wanted a pair of pants to match my jacket. A friend of mine had a large piece of the fabric and I thought that if I was lucky she might still have some. Fate was on my side, she had plenty and so....
I now have my pants. Yea!
 They turned out quite well.
I did wear this pair of shoes with the outfit on Sunday. I don't know what I am going to do when fall rolls back around. The shoes are not exactly appropriate for fall/winter.  Hmmm, maybe a good reason to go shoe shopping, as if I need a reason.
A couple of close up shots of the pants.

I received some very nice compliments on the outfit. As I said earlier, I've worn the jacket a good bit, but the pants are only a week old. The weather is just a little too warm for them now, but I'm ready when fall does roll around once again.
My friend who gave the fabric asked that I make a matching purse. She felt that it would make the outfit perfect. Over the summer I'll get the purse made.
I am planning to wear my French jacket tomorrow so I will get pictures taken and post them.
So whoever it was that asked about the fashion show, my heart felt thanks goes out to you. Thanks for caring enough to ask.

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  1. So happy for you that the fashion show was a success. Your outfit looks wonderful!
    I bought that pattern to make a raincoat. One thing and another and the raincoat happened in a very different style. Now I see that I must make up this pattern sometime.

  2. I enjoyed the show very much! Kudos!!

  3. Hey, I've been dying to hear about the fashion show! I've been trolling the blogs to hear and see more. I'd love to see pics. :)

    What a stylin' outfit!

  4. What a great outfit and the shoes are gorgeous.

  5. Excellent fashion show. It was a great effort on your part. And you are a tough act to follow. Pray for me. ;-)

    Those shoes are the perfect complement to your fabulous outfit. You look great. And you are so inspiring.