Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fashion Show Recap, Three

Good Morning Everyone, although it's afternoon on the other side of the world, so good afternoon to all of you!!
The CD of all of the pictures that were taken at the show arrived yesterday afternoon. What a blast it has been to go through all of the pictures. A little note to those of you who are members of Haute Couture and who read the blog, the pictures will be available at the June Banquet. You'll have an opportunity to buy your pictures for the bargain price of $1.00 per picture. There are some great pictures so I know you are going to enjoy seeing them. The son in law of a very good friend and fellow member of Haute Couture took our pictures. I think he did a fabulous job. 
I opened the show wearing this beautiful gown. Now I can say that it is beautiful because it is, and because I didn't make the dress. It was made by one of our long time members, Avadner McGlory.
It is a very special dress and I feel so honored to have this dress in my collection. She studied at the Art Institute of Chicago. In order to graduate from their program they had to complete a couture garment. This was the piece she created. Absolutely spectacular.
 Here's a close up shot of the bodice. There are hundreds of rows of tiny hand tucked pleats.
In this picture you can see the stitching as I pull back a pleat.
Now, this dress is older than I am. Some of you know how old I am, so you know the dress has been around a looooong time. I bought the dress from Avadner about eight years ago. Since then I've worn the dress to dances, galas and weddings. It's a wonderful, always appropriate dress for almost any dress up occasion. I think the dress is a perfect example of the lasting ability of a couture garment.  
I had a mime for the show. She was wonderful and I had such a good time with her. The title of the show was Le Tour De France. I wanted to set the scene as a tour of France and for lack of any other inspiration, I finally settled on Le Tour De France which you know is a bike race through France. So we decided to play on the title of the show. As I was introducing the show, "Mimi" came riding out behind me and rang the bell on the bike. I love it. She really did such a great job and even had costumes for the different scenes. Here she wore a yellow shirt like the winners wear. When she rode out, I acted as though I was surprised and asked her what she was doing. She mimed that she was here for a bike race. I then asked her if she saw Lance Armstrong anywhere. She looked, "No," and she shook her head.
I then told her that this is not a bike race but a fashion show. She hung her head, picked up her bike and left the stage defeated. Poor Mimi.
I'll share many more pictures in upcoming posts later today. The picture files are very large so it takes quite a while to download them so I will do a little at a time.
Hope you're having a wonderful day.

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  1. :) Love your dress and your description of 'Mimi'!

  2. Dress is stunning and ...Oh my word, what a huge amount of time must have gone into it. How nice you can wear it and as much as you have. Mimi sounds like my kind of gal. :)

  3. I really admire the workmanship on this dress. I made a similar but much more amateur dress for my daughters formal in 2009. It took months!

  4. This is a beautiful dress! I am glad that you posted this and gave Avadner her kudos. She was such a talented lady. I am her cousin and I regret to inform you that we buried her today. Rest her soul. Thanks again for posting this.

    1. Hi Angela, I hope you receive this message. Because of this post, I received a message from a professor at Boston University. His aunt Louise G. Daugherty has died and has left a bequest to Avadner which will now go to her family. I did check him out and he is legitimate. Please contact me and I will give you the information you will need to get in contact with him. You can reach me at sewbussted@yahoo.com.

  5. What a talented couture sewer Avadner was! The meticulous care she took with details was a credit to her. Sad to hear about her passing...J