Thursday, May 10, 2012

Last Fashion Show Post Of The Day

The last pictures for today, I promise!
I showed you the ultra suede outfit on Tuesday, but I really like the runway pictures so I thought I would show you the pictures of the suit in action.

I've shown you lots of pictures of my cabled sweater, but none with it on me.
If you look closely at the hem, you can see the underneath side and see that I added a chain to the hem. It really made a difference.
Mimi was not included in either of these scenes, so no pictures of her. I have a few more that include Mimi that I'll share tomorrow.
Thanks for coming by today and for all of the lovely comments. 
By the way, I'm wearing the suede pants with the cabled sweater because I forgot my cream wool pants. Best laid plans. Oh well, the suede pants were just fine.

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  1. love love that sweater.. Oh gosh a fabulous statement piece. Your pants outfit is stunning too.. xo marlis

  2. Beautiful! That sweater is particularly stunning.

  3. That sweater is absolutely gorgeous!

  4. This sweater is beautiful in the pictures but it was so much more stunning IRL. I actually gasped when Rhonda hit the runway because the detailing in this is so awesome!

  5. Does your talent know no bounds? Knitting (complicated), sewing, designing and millinery. Your cabled sweater is gorgeous.

  6. What a wonderful job you did on the cable sweater, it is a work of art.