Friday, May 11, 2012

Fabulous Free Pattern Friday

 The Easy Breezy Top
It doesn't get any easier and it doesn't get any breezier than this little top.
Three rectangles make up this entire top.
Begin by measuring with arms out stretched, from one wrist to the other. Determine your length by measuring from the edge of your neck to the desired length you would like the top to be. Draw a rectangle.
Now round off the edges. In the above photo you can see that the bottom line is straight. This is half of your hip measurement plus 1" of ease. So if your hip measurement is 40, divide that in half, which will be 20, add 1" and that will be 21".   
Leave an opening along the vertical sides for your hand to go through. I like to make a fist, measure my fist and that will be enough of an opening, which you can see below.
You will want to put stitching lines in. The lines will go straight up from your hip measurement opening.
 You can see the stitching lines in the photo below.
 The edges are turned along the top edge and then tacked where your bra strap will sit.
The opening for your wrist to go through is also turned under and tacked. This allows for the entire area along the arm to be open and allowing for the breeze.
For the band along the bottom, you will want to cut a strip that is 7" wide by the width of your hips plus another 36" for the tie. So if your hip measurement is 40, you added 2" for ease for the opening, so now that measurement is 42". Add another 36" for the tie and the lower band will measure 7" wide x 78" long. The 7" will give you a 3" band once sewn on the garment, the band is folded in half and you will have a 1/2" seam allowance for both sides which totals 7". 
You will need to leave a 2" space between the ties in order for them to be tied. Just decide where you would like the tie to be. I decided to put mine over my thigh.
The 36" we added, which will be 18" on either side of the opening will give you plenty of length to tie a bow if you would like.
I just love this top. I feel like I'm floating along as I move. 
The fabric I used for my top is actually a panel. If you like the panels, I will be posting them in my Etsy store tomorrow. The fabric is rayon.
Hope you are having or have had a wonderful Friday. I finally feel like I'm once again part of the living instead of the living dead as I did earlier in the week!!!, and the fashion show seems like it was a million years ago. Incredible.
Happy Friday Everyone!

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  1. You make such interesting clothing. I can only admire on you, because I know that me attempting to wear something like that just wouldn't work. I'm just too "straight-laced" to try anything out of my rather small comfort zone.

  2. The fabric really makes this top come alive - I like the border print. Great inspiration. Thank you.

  3. That's so cute. I'm thinking to use as refashion item sx

  4. This is so fantastic and fashionable! Thanks for idea, love it! Follow you