Thursday, April 12, 2012

Raggedy Ann and Andy Go To The Ball

A number of years ago I found some panels for Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls that were made by Daisy Kingdom.  I made a set for two of my nieces for Christmas. Once they were made I loved them so much that I didn't want to give them away, but I did. The child in me really wanted a set for myself.
By this time the panels were no longer available, so thank God for Ebay!! Another panel was found and like so many projects, went into the to do box and sat there for a good long while.
Here in Chicago we have one of the last free zoos in America, Lincoln Park Zoo. It's not a very large zoo, but it is lovely and very family friendly. You can buy food on the grounds or you can bring a lunch with you and store it in a locker until you are ready to eat. Picnicking on the grounds is encouraged. Now I say the zoo is free, there are many people who work very hard to raise money in order for the zoo to remain free. Every summer the women's board hosts an incredible party that raises a lot of money. The evening is always magical. It is by far the highlight of my summer. The party begins with with a cocktail hour and during the cocktail hour there is a silent auction. This year I am donating the Raggedy Ann and Andy along with a child's upholstered rocking chair and a lovely quilt. I'll post more about the quilt in an upcoming post.      
The dolls start out as a panel.
Really easy to do. Just cut and sew. No running around to find just the perfect fabric.
Here are my babies sewn but without hair.
Now we have hair. The Ann doll has curly hair and Andy's hair is cut so that it is straight.
Poor little Andy is still naked, but Ann has her clothes. The clothes are also from a panel, so again, really easy to do.
Finally finished and happy to be together but I am once again wanting to keep the pair for myself.
If you think that you would like to make a pair for yourself, there are panels available on Ebay. You can find a panel for the dolls here. I may beat you to it, so beware!!
Have a wonderful day!

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