Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday Morning Inspiration

Norma Kamali has been one of my favorite designers since the 80's. Her Spring 2012 line is such fun. Many of the items are very body conscious, but many can be translated into items that we would find a little more comfortable to wear.
I spent the weekend looking at garments that our Haute Couture members will be presenting in our upcoming fashion show, Le Tour De France. They are so on target with what Norma has done this spring. One of our ladies has done two outfits that the crowd is going to go crazy over and they are so similar to the Shimmy Shimmy Shake Shake pieces below.

 Now who couldn't have a good time in a dress like this?

This red dress has to be my favorite piece of all. What a fun piece to wear.
Happy Monday Everyone. Put a little humor in your day!

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1 comment:

  1. The models are SMILING! Rarely seen! Enjoying what they are wearing. What a concept! Thanks for sharing!