Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday Night Reflections

The Artist's Way
Week Twelve

We come to our final check in. As I said last week, it's amazing that all these weeks have gone by. What has the journey been like for you? I hope it has been a good journey. One thing that I have learned is that good doesn't always mean easy and it doesn't mean that there weren't some very difficult things to learn along the way. It's the outcome of the journey that defines whether it was good or bad.
When I was first learning to fly, there were days that were absolutely awful, nothing seemed to go right. My instructor and I would return to the airport and I would feel like falling out of the airplane from pure exhaustion. There was even a time that I felt like giving up. Then the day finally arrived for me to take the oral exam and the check ride. When the examiner handed me my temporary license, all the studying, all the hard work, it was worth it. I persevered and I was able to reap the benefit of taking the journey and seeing it through to the end. This is where we are today.
There is another book that is like the second part of this journey and it is called, "The Vein Of Gold," also written by Julia Cameron. For a few years now I have tried to start, I would read the introduction and the first chapter and then stop. What was holding me back? I now know. The very first task is to look at your entire life and write it down. I just couldn't do it. So I returned to The Artist's Way and as I've said a number of times, this has proved to be the most powerful of my three experiences. This time I took steps that have allowed me to look at what has held me back. I have been able to look at the past and see it for what it really was and have been able to move forward. I now feel excited about going through the next book.
I found this on Facebook this past week and I felt that it was very appropriate for tonight's post. We are never a failure if we only try. We may not go where we thought we would, but each experience teaches us something that we need to learn.
If you have been doing the morning pages, I strongly encourage you to keep writing. I think that if you haven't already realized the importance of the morning pages, in time you will. There have been periods of time when I did not write, but over the past ten years I have written more than I haven't and my morning pages have become a period of time that when missed nothing else seems to go right. Remember, in one chapter Julia Cameron talks about that when we write, we right.
Thank you for coming by every Sunday evening. I will continue to check in every once in a while and tell you about my continued journey. I am very excited about some of the things I have planned to do.
Our dreams have been given to us for a reason. It's important to take the necessary steps that are needed to make those dreams come to life. I'll close with a quote that I love, "If you no longer have dreams, you no longer have a life. Search deep, those dreams are there and just waiting for you to bring them to life."

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