Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lend Me Your Shoulder Top Pattern

A while back I posted my top and asked for pattern testers.
I've done the top in a variety of fabrics to see what works best. The fabric pictured above is a much more stable fabric. It works, but it is not the best choice. 
For a more relaxed look, I used a very soft 2-way stretch fabric for the top below. It's one of my favorites.
I shared the picture below a couple of weeks ago. My friend Brenda made the top for her daughter. She LOVES the top, yea! I think she looks so cute.

 Over the weekend, the pictures from other testers started coming in.
This is Kim. She also had great success with the pattern. I loved her comment,  "This is a lovely 'Cut it out this morning and wear it tonight' project." She said that two of her clients saw the top and thought it was a winner. So nice. You can find Kim's blog at http://themateriallady.wordpress.com/.
I think Kitty, pictured below, was the first to get the pattern made. Her first attempt was lengthened and made into a dress. She didn't want to waste her fabric!
She made it up once again as a top and both of her daughters want one. You can find Kitty's blog at http://weirwoodstation.blogspot.com/.
I just love this picture of Ruthie. The color is so amazing on her. You can find Ruthie's blog at
The last in our little fashion show is Liz. She told me that she had made the top in a stripe knit. I told her that I never would have thought to do it in a knit, but I think it is fabulous. The fabric is actually a wool knit. I now want to make the top up in a stripe!
 Liz said, "It’s a great pattern with that quirky twist that appeals to me." Sadly, I don't have a link to her website, but as soon as I get it I'll post it. Sorry about that Liz.
Thank you all for taking the time to test the pattern.
I will be making the announcement about the Lend Me Your Shoulder Pattern this Friday, April 20th, 2012. I'm so excited!!!

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  1. WOW! What a great looking set of tops (dress). Congratulations to you and the testers. Love the versatility of this pattern.

  2. That's such fun pattern. Great job x

  3. Lovely tops and also like the versatility of it.

  4. Everyone looks great in this pattern.

  5. Some really great versions of you top!

  6. Beautiful tops! Ruthie, that color is spectacular on you.