Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Big Hat For Easter

This was the first Easter that we have actually had flowers blooming in I don't know when.
My Clematis is filling in and has lots of buds but no flowers yet, but it will soon look like the picture below.
The hat you see came about as a bit of an accident, or actually more like a gift. I just happened to pop into a shop while I was on my walk one day and I found this fabulous hat that I fell in love with. It was rather expensive, actually very expensive so I wanted to think about it and since I was on a walk with no money and a long way from home, I couldn't be tempted into taking it with me. After thinking and thinking, I WANTED THAT HAT!!! So a few days before Easter, the shop just happened to be on my way home (I made sure it was on my way home!). I stopped in tried on the hat once more, decided I really did love it and was willing to splurge, but I couldn't get the woman to wait on me. The day I went in wearing running clothes, she was more than happy to wait on me, but I guess what she was doing was a little more important. I waited, nothing, so I left thinking that I could go back another day. Then as I walking out of the store a thought came over me,"I can make that hat." I rushed home, got on the computer and found a hat shaped just like the one in the store.  
The hat was a very large hat and I really wanted a hat just like the one I saw. Zappos had a video of the hat so I was able to see it on a model. Perfect, exactly the size I needed. The hats come in quite a few colors, black, red, white, blue, two colors of beige and I think a couple of other colors as well. You can see the hat and all the colors here.

Now to embellish the hat. A trip to Soutache was in order. There I found the wide silk ribbon and the organza flower, just like the hat in the store! My organza flower is a little richer. The flower that you see above is actually two flowers layered one on top of the other. In the end, my hat cost a fraction of the hat in the store, I'm happy and my husband is happy!!, I'm sure you know what I mean :)
Having a little fun in the garden.
What was so interesting to me is how many people came up to me at church and commented on how much they liked my hat. What was even more interesting is that a number of older ladies came up and said, "Why did we ever get away from looking so lovely and wearing hats? This is what Easter should look like." Interesting.
I love my new hat and it's a blast to wear!
Just a short note. Sleeves on Saturdays will be postponed until Monday. I'm a little swamped this weekend. Sorry about that. I'll do today's post on Monday. I think you'll like it.
Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. That's why the woman didn't wait on you, you were meant to create the hat yourself! Beautiful!!!

  2. That is a fun hat!!! I'm so impressed that you made it.

  3. I love it too!!!!!!

  4. A spectacular Easter bonnet and a great dress too.