Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday Night Reflections

We Need Christmas
It's the season of the year that has its own everything.
It has its own music, art, colors, and stories.
It seems to have a most positive effect on all of us.
The little kid in each of us is just waiting to
break out....again.
We want;
To sing.
To stand in awe of decorations,
To give gifts,
To be surprised,
To make sure others are cared for,
To dream of what could be:
No more war; less violence,
More love,
No poverty, less pain.
Just maybe....
We need Christmas:
When times are tough,
When we sense the harshness of reality,
When we come up against limits,
When we're told to grin and bear it,
We need Christmas.
We need the great imagination and stories of what could be.
More than that,
We need the experience, day by day, of what life can be.
We need Christmas.
We need to realize that God is breaking forth in life;
When you sense that it could be different,
When you are surprised,
When you are generous,
When you care for others,
When you fight poverty,
When you value love,
When you live for change,
Then God is happening in time and space.
Now the time is ours.
The space is the reality we live within each day.
God is happening.
Life will be more.
It's Christmas all over again.

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  1. Beautiful sentiment. I love the photo. The street is so still, and quiet.

    1. Thanks Gwen. I thought the photo worked well with the piece. It looks like the picture was taken somewhere in Europe.

  2. I thought immediately Quebec City, the Old Town but I could be wrong. Regards Rhonda,
    from Bebe in Canada, who just discovered your fabulous blog recently. Always interesting.

    1. Hi Bebe and welcome! I've never been to Quebec City, but it is on my list of places I must see. If it looks like this picture, then it is a very beautiful place.