Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday Morning Inspiration

I warned you....I have piles of these things!!!!! It seems that everyone is enjoying the opportunity to see the styles that I have been able to post. The comment that I hear most often is how in the world did they have such small waists? Take a look at the model in the first picture. Yes, she is thin, but she is in proportion. Also, remember that they wore undergarments that were military strength. The fact that any of us are here today is amazing to me as I don't know how they ever got out of those undergarments once they were in them!!! Somehow...they managed. Regardless of the tiny waists that are drawn on the models, the clothes offer so much inspiration. I have six more catalogues to share, so this series will take us into the new year and then it will be time to find inspiration elsewhere. Enjoy a trip through Spring of 1950.

 I absolutely love the two dresses pictured above.

 Be sure to check out the little jacket that goes with the dress on the right above. Lovely.

The coat on the right is just wonderful. Be sure to take a look at the back view.
Have a wonderful start to your week.

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  1. I just love the details in these outfits. Its those details that can really make a difference.

  2. I could look at these all day

  3. Rhonda, I have not been commenting on any blogs lately, but I have to thank you for posting these. They are truly inspiring, and harken back to a time of tasteful elegance. Of course, I would not want to go back to the rather restrictive undergarments necessary to create those hourglass figures! It's the elegance that speaks to me.

  4. OOH! I need a beverage and a few more pictures!