Saturday, December 29, 2012

I'm Honored

This is a rather unusual post for me as I usually don't post on Saturday evening. Before I went to bed last night,  I checked my email and saw that there were two posts I must take a look at. One was from http://themahoganystylist.blogspot.com/2012/12/lovely-blogger-award.html and the other was from
http://satinbirddesigns.blogspot.com/2012/12/inspiration.html. Both, within minutes of each other had given me this award,

Incredible. I shared with each a little something my grandmother would say. Whenever we were out for a shopping trip and would find a parking space right in front of the store, my grandmother would always say, We must be livin' right today!" Precious memories for sure, but it also reminds me of the incredible blessing it is when something special happens, even something as simple as a parking space. Here's what Andrea and Cennetta had to say. The first comment is from Cennetta and the second is from Andrea.

"The super generous and acutely talented Rhonda Buss. The is one phenomenal creative woman. Rhonda's "online design school" is priceless. It has inspired me to experiment with pattern drafting. Every week she features a free pattern and showcases fellow creative souls. Rhonda is a gem."

"Rhonda is a veritable cornucopia of creativity, and is the most sharing, lovely blogger I've found. I always look forward to reading her blog posts, whether it is Sunday Soups, and inspirational post, or her FFPF (Fabulous Free Pattern Friday). A gorgeous jacket she made is in the March issue of Threads!"

Wow, how lucky am I?!!
So...I am supposed to share as I understand, seven things about myself. Here we go..........

1. I love the opera, but I cut my teeth on Wolfman Jack and The Midnight Special!!! By the time I was maybe 10 or 12, I could stay up as late as I wished, but I had to be in my bed and I had to be quiet. I had an earpiece for my radio so I could listen and oh how I loved to listen. The strange thing though was that Wolfman Jack and his Midnight Special program ended at 10. Oh well, it was fun. As I listened to the music I would read Edgar Allen Poe. What kind of morbid kid was I?????
2. President Lincoln will forever be my hero. He is probably the only person that I hope to meet in the after life. Just a few years ago I read the book, "Lincoln The Unknown" written by Dale Carnegie, a book that is sadly now out of print. By far the most wonderful book that I have ever read. As I read the book, I came to realize just how fortunate Americans are that he was our president at that period of time. When it came to the point in the book that he was assassinated, I cried and felt a loss just as if he were my current president.
3. My patron saint is Our Lady of Guadalupe. Seven years ago we were doing some extensive work to our home. A steal beam was attached to the house and tied into the chimney. This was done because the front of our home is very close to the river and the land is quite narrow. In order to hold the house in place, an exterior foundation was added as well as the steal beam. The morning after the beam was attached, I came out to look at the work, looked up and couldn't believe what I saw. I went and got my husband who has no imagination when it comes to art and asked him what he saw. He said, "Well, look at that." Not wanting to influence him I asked, "What do you see." He said,"It's Our Lady of Guadalupe."  Where the steal beams had been sautered together, the image was quite obvious. I immediately called our contractor and told him that he needed to come immediately. He is NOT  a religious man, but he took one look, looked at me and said, "You are going to have to keep your mouth shut. If you say anything your house is going to become a shrine and we will never get this project finished." When the guys arrived for work, I said good morning and went about my business. Some months later I shared with them what I saw. They were very disappointed that they did not see the image and couldn't understand why they didn't see it when they were so close to it while they worked. Then one of the guys said, "I think we didn't see it because She wasn't here for us, She appeared for you." This year on my birthday when I knew that I would be hit by the car that raced toward me, I felt that I was saved by a power much greater than myself. So, a very long story to say that yes, I believe in miracles.
(By the way, this is harder than you may think! I still have 4 more things  to share)
4. For something super silly, I love a good fart joke. I'm laughing now just for admitting this. Bet that woke you up!!! I told you this was more difficult than it looks ;)
5. I play the flute and had first chair in The DuPage Youth Symphony. That was a million years ago, but hey, I still play.
6. When I was 9 years old I saw and realized racism for the first time. We had moved to a small town in Mississippi where everything was still segregated. I hated it then and I hate it now.
7. My husband says that I have "little dog syndrome." Big dogs evaluate the situation before they bark and run into a situation where a little dog just reacts. A few years ago I was stopped at a light when I saw a bus hit a woman and knock her off her feet. Without thinking, I jumped out of the car, left it running with my purse on the seat as I ran to the woman with my cell phone in my hand frantically dialing 911. I was able to calm her and keep her still until the fire department arrived. So yes, "little dog syndrome!"

This morning I looked at a post from http://prttynpnk.wordpress.com/2012/12/29/5-inspirations-from-2012/ and once again I was honored. Here is what she said,

"Rhonda is like a sewist Power Ranger! She flies, she designs, she solves problems and she makes soup! If she doesn’t post for a few days, I assume that she is on a secret mission and that we have been unknowingly saved from a Godzilla attack or a Tsumani by her hands!"   Wow, now I'm a super hero to boot!!!! .....Not!

I understand that I am supposed to nominated 7 other bloggers for this award. I have been working on a little something special for the next Wednesday Showcase, so you'll have to come back on Wednesday to find out who I pass this award on to.

Thank you so much ladies for honoring me in such a special way. As much as I appreciate it, awards aren't needed as I am honored on a daily basis just by the fact that you take a few moments of your time and spend them with me.
Thank you,

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  1. Hi Rhonda, well deserved! It is always fun reading things about bloggers that you would not otherwise know. I had never heard of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Perhaps because I am Australian and we would never had heard of Mary in a Mexican context. Interesting.

  2. Thank you for allowing us to get to know you. And yes I did crack up with I read #4. I'm still laughing. Happy New Year!

    1. I even make Carl laugh with how hard I laugh about such things. Oh well, we all have something quirky about us!

  3. Well deserved honours! I'm so glad I found your blog. You inspire me to colour outside the lines!

  4. You deserve all the praise and awards.

  5. CONGRADULATIONS! You deserve it.

    Am new to your blog, as I happened upon it whilst looking for a design - found your beautiful and graceful Draped Ballerina Top - then explored other content -- can't decide if my favorite is Sunday's Soup, Saturday Sleeves, FFPF, or a fellow dog lover...

    Thank you for your dedication, energy and effort you share throught this blog.

    P.S. little dogs rule (or least my three-legged Jack Russel - Darci and little dogs everywhere think they do) OH, AND do you have any tips on how to repel dog hair from clothing

    1. Hi Valerie. A heartfelt welcome to the blog. Thanks so much for following. Alas, I have no advice on repelling dog hair. I always keep a lint roller handy. I even keep one in the car. Dog hair is just a way of life for me.

  6. Hurray for little dogs- they don't know they can't do somthing, so they never fail! A well-deserved pair of awards....

    1. I had 3 awards. Don't forget about the honor you bestowed upon me. It's the best as you elevated me to Super Hero status!!! I need to start thinking about costumes. Somehow I think my weapon will have to be a pair of scissors.
      On a little more serious note, I don't know what you do for a living, but I think that somehow writing needs to become a paid part of your life. You have a gift, a real gift. I've told you before that your posts never fail to make me laugh. I love them!!!!! You should be doing your own brand of fashion commentary for some publication.

  7. Rhonda,

    I found you via prttynpnk and so thankful I did. What a fab blog. Congrats on the awards. BTW, I just have the little dogs, so maybe that's a syndrome all unto its own. ;)

  8. Yes, You are a super hero! Thank you, Rhonda, for sharing all those patterns! I had fun reading your list. :)

    Yes, I do believe in miracles! :)

  9. "Sewist Power Ranger" - love it! Great blog. Thank you. :-)

  10. Rhonda you are one classy dame! I love that you admit to enjoying frat boy humour! And that you fly a plane.

    1. Thank you for the compliment Gail, but I think exccentric might be a better description than classy ;)

  11. You absolutely deserve these awards. Wonderful!

  12. A well-deserved award, Rhonda. Congratulations!

  13. Congrats, you are so deserving!