Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday Night Reflections

A Christmas Prayer From Iona

God of Good News,
Today you begin again to reshape our lives and communities.
You do not start from the outside, but from within.
You begin in the hidden place...
behind the inn,...before the marriage,...at the wrong time.
You invite a handful of guests into your company.
Shepherds. Children perhaps. Maybe some animals. You join the community of the invisible ones.
The homeless and the hopeless...Refugees, fleeing from a tyrant king..
The small. The unimportant. The forgotten. The frightened.
These are the people you choose as little by little You start sharing the secrets
of a kingdom that will change the world forever.
From within. From the hidden place.
God of good news:
as we celebrate worldwide the tidings of Your birth,
as we set the heavens echoing with angel songs,
as we contemplate a new year and pray for peace on earth...
Remind us of the hidden places, of the forgotten people...
Remind us that the great joy promised to the whole people starts with those who need it most,
in places where they hide.
Remind us with all our seasonal cheer and tinsel,
that some people are left out in the cold;
that it is there, through them, that You will change the world.
God of good news, help us to find You again in the hidden place.
                                                                    Brian Woodcock

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