Friday, February 12, 2021

Fabulous Free Pattern Friday/The As You Choose Top, Wrap, Skirt

I can't remember the last time I did a Fabulous Free Pattern Friday post!!! At any rate, it's been quite some time, that's for sure :)

This is not a new post. I actually did this skirt 9 years ago :/ Wow, how could it be that long ago?!! I wore the skirt just a few days ago, posted it on Instagram, and a number of people commented on the shape, and loved it. So, I thought I would do a reminder post of the skirt. It is nothing more than a rectangle. It needs to be made in a knit. The end result is a piece that is quite versatile, and packs like a dream. And too, it's quite easy to wear.

Here's the picture I posted on Instagram. Since I originally made the skirt, I wear it with the drape on the side.   

Me 9 years ago ;) As you can see, I am wearing it with the drape in the back. 

I really like that I started doing videos to go along with my Instagram posts as it gives you a better idea of how the garment looks on the body, and how it moves.

And here's the magic of it all. It's just 2 rectangles with 2 ties. It cannot get any easier!!!

If by chance you would like to make 1 of your own, you can find my original post HERE.

Over this upcoming year, I am going to revisit a number of the pieces that I did for the Fabulous Free Pattern Friday series. It's been brought to my attention that they can be a bit difficult to find. In the event that you would like to take a look at some of the pieces I've done, you can find most of them HERE on my Pinterest page.  

What I love about this series is that it shows that fashion does not need to be complicated. Of course, complicated can be fun, but easy and fashionable is always a win, win situation in my book :)



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  1. Okay, Rhonda,What's your secret? You look just as good now as your 9 years ago picture.
    Definitely want directions to your fountain of youth :-) pretty please :-))

    1. Oh Lucy,you are far too kind!
      Although, I have had a number of people ask me about my skincare routine. I am planning to do a little video on what I do to take care of my skin. That's one thing that I am quite particular about :)