Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Life Gives Us a Present, and It's Called Today

Come to find out, the typical person wears 20% of their wardrobe, 80% of the time. 

Since last July, I have been on a journey to wear my handmade wardrobe each and everyday. There have been a few days here and there where I just didn't feel like dressing, stayed in my running pants, no shower, no makeup, just me in the raw ;) But, I think we all need a day like this from time to time. 

I have learned so much about myself, about my wardrobe, what I like, what don't like, and what I need. As extensive as my wardrobe is, I think most would wonder what I could possibly need, but by being so focused, I have seen the holes in the puzzle of my wardrobe. 

It's no secret that I absolutely LOVE Ted Talks.They inspire me, make me laugh, and give me so much to think about. I recently came across a talk that was done by an emergency room nurse. Her talk is entitled, "Change Your Closet, Change Your Life." She talks about how we "save" things for a day that may or may not come. There's a comment that she made that I so loved. She equates clothes, our good china, a special bottle of alcohol, even a candle as presents that we leave wrapped. But, what's on the inside is always better than the wrapping. In other words, using what we have is a better gift than saving it, and potentially never using it. If you have a few minutes, I invite you to grab a favorite cup of tea, or coffee, and enjoy her video.

With me posting my outfit of the day, each and everyday on Instagram, what I have found most interesting is that so many want to see inside my closet. I had forgotten that I did a video peek into my closet 4 years ago. In the video I talk about Jennifer Scott of  the Daily Connoisseur, and 3 of the books she wrote on living well. You can find her YouTube channel HERE. I also showcase a few of my favorite pieces from my wardrobe. If you missed it 4 years ago, or would just like to see it again, I have included it below. When you grab that cup of tea, make sure it's a big one ;)

Another "closet" video is in the works, so it should be up soon :)

What I have found interesting is that COVID is what inspired my journey, and it is what has prompted me to live as I really want to live. I do my best to dress each and everyday because I know all too well that this could easily be my last day. I have learned to focus on what I can do, and not on what I can't. Many or shocked when I saw that this past year has actually been one of the best years of my life. 

I love this quote from Gillian Dunn;

When we put excuses on hold, we find that the other side is joy, confidence, and freedom.  

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  1. Rhonda, I try to live each day as though it's my very first, looking for something new in life. Yet also my last, so live to the full but...try to make sure that I've made sure to tell the people I care about how I feel about them. Don't end the day in a row with someone. If I don't make it through the night I'll be in a place without regrets but I don't want to leave others unable to resolve theirs. It's not always easy and at the beginning it took real effort. But I lost my adopted son 14 years ago, my husband 11 months later, with my sister the night before and my BIL 2 years ago this month. I miss them of course and apart from my BIL all were swift, unexpected. Yet because of the way I'd chosen to live nothing was left unsaid or outstanding no regrets. Take care

    1. Hi Lucy!
      I so loved this when you shared it with me a while ago. Thank you so much for sharing it with others. It's really the best way to live!

  2. Rhonda, I absolutely loved both videos, thanks for sharing them. I swear, I could sit here all day and listening to the stories of your whole wardrobe! Definitely should happen a series of them! :)
    Thanks, Zsuzsi

    1. I'm so happy that you enjoyed the videos! Okay, I will take your advice and do a series on my closet :)