Friday, June 26, 2020

Shimmy Skirt Fabric and How To/Fabulous Free Pattern Friday

It's a rainy day in Chicago, but I am grateful. My grass looks wonderful, and gardens all around are a joy to see. I had hoped to fly today, but...another day.

I posted this skirt on Instagram yesterday and a number of people asked about the fabric and how it was done. Beyond simple!!! I didn't think about it, but it actually qualifies as a Fabulous Free Pattern Friday (remember those?) piece as it's just 2 rectangles. 

I did this super short video to show how the skirt moves when I walk. It's a little exaggerated as do not shake like that when I walk. At least I hope not ;) 

Below is the exact same type of fabric. You've seen it a million times I'm sure. I've placed it on the form just as you would see it on a bolt in a store. The grainline is running vertically. Sewn vertically, it's cute, can make a fun little dress, skirt or top.  

But, when it's turned so that the crosswise grain is vertical, it takes on a completely different look. The skirt I am wearing in the video has ruffles that are a gradation of white to dark gray, so a little more interesting than just the dark gray and the black of the fabric below. This works as the fabric has the same stretch on the straight of grain as well as the crosswise grain.

To make the skirt, I purchased just enough to fit across the front of my body, I think I bought about 5/8 of a yard. The fabric was cut in half, giving me a front and a back. I used the two selvedge edges for the hems, so no need to finish off a hem. All in all, the skirt took no more than an hour to put together. 

Rather than roll the top edge for an elastic casing, which would have been bulky around the waist, I used a 2" wide decorative elastic. I really like this elastic as it has a small ruffled edge.

I have no idea why this picture came out so fuzzy, but I think you can see what it is. I had a small piece of this ruffled fabric leftover from a project. Not enough to do much with, but rather than pitch it, I added it to the bottom of a t-shirt. I didn't have enough of the solid blue to make a t-shirt that would be the length that I would like, but the 2 combined, SCORE!!! I love wearing this with white pants. The pattern that I used for the t-shirt is the Molly Tee from Pattern Union. There was absolutely no fabric left for sleeves, so I just made a binding, and called it a day.    

I've not posted my thoughts on this year's Me Made May journey, or a little dream that I have, hint, hint ;) More on both in an upcoming post. But I will say this, maybe it's because we've all been couped up, not really sure, but what really came forward for me this year is that I want to truly enjoy what I choose to wear each and everyday. The shimmy skirt, and the ruffle edged top both fit that criteria, at least for me :)
Pull something fun out of your closet and celebrate the day!

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  1. I bought this fabric in two colorways from District Fabric (now in Port Townsend, WA) and this was the only use I could think of that didn't end up with the ruffle butt baby pants effect. Yours looks fabulous!

  2. Hi there,
    How wonderful and such fun!

    I haven't come across this fabric over here (UK).What is it called Rhonda?

    Love your creativity and this is such a quick project which would be a change from my extremely slow sewing.

    Thanks for sharing. Stay safe.

  3. I love your skirt and this fabric is so cool! I never would have thought to switch it to vertical. The result is so creative. Absolutely brilliant!


  4. All of these pieces are so cute, fun, and well executed. Your ruffled bottom top and white pants looked very nice together. I should have known better than to think that they were store bought.

    1. You've known me for farrrr too long!!! You really should have known I made them ;)