Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Help! I Would Like Some Creative Input

Something that I have learned over the past 6 weeks is that we show people the person we want them to see. We share what we are capable of sharing. In my being given the gift of handling my friend's estate, the person that I thought I knew became richer and deeper, and at times, quite surprising. I discovered hurts, losses, and disappointments that she had buried, at least to others. Things that absolutely broke my heart, and gave me tremendous insight into why she did things, and reacted to things as she did. Then one day, I opened a storage closet and found something that I had no idea that she had ever enjoyed doing, crewel embroidery projects. 

She had a number of kits that had never been started. Sound familiar? ;) But, there was one that was virtually finished.      

The stitch work is absolutely beautiful! All that needs to be done to complete the project are a ton of French knots. I love doing French knots!!! So, I decided to keep the project and finish it. It was meant to be a pillow, but I thought a bag would be lots of fun.

The other project that I decided to keep and finish was this tree in bloom. For some reason it just spoke to me. It spoke to me, but didn't tell me what it wants to be. I don't want to finish it as a pillow, I would like to use it in a garment. A skirt, a jacket, a dress??? I just don't know.  

The piece is on a lovely piece of linen, something that I think I can fairly easily match. If not match, at least tea dye to match. 

So, I would love and appreciate some creative feedback. I've looked on Pinterest to no avail. I know that some of you have a difficult time posting comments. But if you have an idea, or some thoughts, please send an email, sewbussted@yahoo.com I would truly love to hear what you think!

Thanks so much!!!

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  1. Beautiful work! Maybe the back of a cropped jean/linen jacket? I have a hard time imagining the placement on a skirt, dress or long jacket, but I don't have a good sense of the size from the picture. If it's smaller, I think it would look beautiful off center on a dress/skirt/jacket.

  2. I could see it as a focal point for the back of a bomber type jacket.

  3. I love both of those. I can see the tree on the back of a jacket. I would want to do some kind of accent on the cuffs or maybe collar front.

  4. Such a nice way to remember your friend. Taking something of hers and incorporating it into something of yours. I added several Pinterest ideas to our board. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  5. These are beautiful Rhonda! I thought like the others here, the tree would work well on the back of a coat, but I would put it on a dressier cropped coat, due to it's elegance. Have fun with these treasures, xo.

  6. Hi Rhonda. First thing that comes to mind is the center back panel of a mean jacket. Coordinate using a light weight denim or a linen to match one of the embroidery yarns. Whatever you make it will be wonderful.

  7. This in the back of a jeans style jacket would be striking. If it could be worked into the crossover front of a wrapped jacket people would see you coming rather than going. You could have more interesting conversations.

  8. What beautiful crewel stitching your friend did. I wonder if the tree would work on a jacket or linen blouse/shirt with part of the tree coming over the shoulder in the front and the rest of it on the back?

  9. I see this as the back of a kimono style loose jacket - in a handkerchief linen, perhaps? With loose banded sleeves and a band front/collar. How wonderful to have discovered this creative outlet your friend had in her life!