Friday, July 19, 2019

Thrifty Thursday/A Totally Free Ensemble

I have had the BEST week! Super busy, but so much fun :)

The highlight;

I signed Berkley up for an agility class, and we had our first lesson on Thursday evening. Oh how I wish I could have taken pictures!! When we began, the instructor asked if he had any agility training. I said, "no, this is his very first class." The little dog sailed through rings, ran through the tubes, and jumped over bars like a champ. All of this prompted the instructor to ask, "are you sure that he has never had any training?" "Nope, none." The instructor then said that Berkley is like a duck to water, he has truly found his passion. At one point, Berkley jumped through a ring, and then turned around to me, and threw his little front legs in the air with glee. The instructor asked if this was one of his tricks. I explained that yes, I taught him to stand on his back legs, put his front legs in the air as I say, Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! The instructor almost rolled on the floor laughing :)

Not that you drop by to see a picture of Berkley, but...I just can't resist :) This was taken on a recent hike. I just love seeing how he has gone from a scared, and dirty little dog, to a true picture of contentment.

A few weeks back (actually a month ago :/), I shared a top that I made from the free sewing pattern from Tessuti Fabrics, the Zoe Top. I really love this top!!! The fabric was actually from Joann's. Amazing!  

Once I got the top together, I felt that it really needed the lace on the sleeves, so I cut just the lower portion of the lace off of the fabric and then appliqued it to the lower edge of the sleeve. 


The neckline has a rather wide opening, larger than what I really wanted, so I took 2 of the motifs from the lace and filled in the corners of the neckline.

And finally!!
A picture of me in the top, and my white Barb pants! Perfect for the horribly hot weather we are having in Chicago right now.

It's a total Thrifty Thursday ensemble, a free pattern from Tessuti, and the free Barb pant pattern from Style Arc Patterns.

The Barb pant is a wonderful pattern meant for stretch wovens. Although it has an elastic waistline, it fits flat across the stomach. After all, who needs extra yardage around the waist???   

It was named best pattern for 2015 on Pattern Review.

It's still available as a free pattern and can be found HERE. All you have to do is sign up for the Style Arc newsletter. So, sign up for a fabulous newsletter, and get a fabulous free pant pattern. A win, win situation :) 

In case you are wondering...
As I said in an earlier post, I was out of town for a couple of weeks. I did have a sewing machine with me, but it started acting up, and there was no more sewing to be had, so I am behind on my Cargo Pant Challenge with Cenntta of The Mahogany Stylist. Be sure to pop over and see her last make for our challenge. Her pants are such fun! My second pair will be up tomorrow, a week late. But, I'll catch up next week :)

Happy Friday!
And if you are in this oppressive heat, by all means, 

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  1. Hi Rhonda, That Berkley is really cute. I know you're proud of your little star. Cute outfit too. JoAnn's does have some nice textiles. You just have to look for the gems. I just downloaded my free pant pattern. I think I was already signed up though. ;-) We'll be talking soon. Have a great weekend. Thanks, C

  2. Darn! Your garments and outfit are so nice and I have these patterns already and have done absolutely nothing with them. My mojo is gone..... Berkley is a cutie pie. It is cool that he has found his passion. Every dog needs a job. I wish my Sheltie (Duncan, a tri-colour, passed in Sept of 2017 at age 17.5) had this opportunity to go to agility class (maybe that is my fault). Among their many good qualities, Shelties are certainly agile.

    1. I think Duncan had a wonderful life which is quite apparent in the longevity of his life.
      As for your mojo, try getting the pattern for the top out. Cut it out and get it made up. It's a top that doesn't require any fitting, and is super easy to make. I think it just might help :) Let me know if you do get it made!

  3. I love the stories about your little mate... he's so precious. And thanks for the info on the freebies, I love your outfit.

    1. Thanks so much Joyce! The top is especially perfect for summer :)

  4. Gotta LOVE that Mr. B! He is darling. So glad he found his passion and so glad you two found each other--match made in heaven for sure!

    1. Little Mr. B owns my heart! When he came to me, all of the fur on his back was burned from being left out in the sun, and his nose was sunburned. I think that if you were to ask him about his previous life, he would say, "oh, we aren't going to think about that anymore." I feel like I won the doggie prize!!!