Saturday, July 6, 2019

Sew Cargo Crazy/Let The Sewing Begin!

Remember me???
Once again, I have been sewing, but no blogging :/

Lots of interesting things happening in my life. In August, I will be taking a 4 day pilgrimage. I'm actually quite excited. It may be a little daunting, but in the end, I think it will be so very good for my soul. I most likely won't share the entire experience, but some for sure. Taking a little time to be quiet, to explore some things that have been pressing on my soul, so wonderful. Even more, I am so very grateful that it's something I will have the opportunity to do. Truly a time of exploration :)

The Mahogany Stylist and I are a day late with getting our cargo challenge posts up. We talked yesterday and decided that it wasn't worth rushing to get it out. We've decided to move our posts to Saturdays.

The pattern that we are using for our July Cargo Pants Challenge is an out of print pattern, but still available on Ebay. Sadly, I didn't find any on Etsy, but I'm sure more will pop up.

For my first pair, the trail pair, I used a stretch woven fabric that I found at a favorite resale shop. 

The pattern calls for a center back zipper. Depending on the style of the pant, I usually prefer a fly front zipper. As I'm cutting out the front, I include the extension for the fly zipper.    

What I end up making is a mock fly front opening as I usually don't include the facing. Works just fine. 

I decided to do 2 of the large patch pockets. I found them to be a little shallow, so in the future, I will extend the pattern by 2". The pattern has the option to add the tab with a d-ring. I thought it was rather fun and added to the whole cargo pant feeling.

The pattern includes a real cargo pant type pocket. I LOVE this pocket! It has darts along the bottom that give it volume. This is a pocket pattern that I will be using again and again.

Rather than put a buttonhole in the pocket flap, or add the d-ring closing, I used velcro. I like being able to quickly get into a pocket. As I said in my last post, I love wearing a pair of cargo pants when I am out running errands, grocery shopping, etc. I throw my phone, reading glasses(need those!), driver's license, and a credit card in my pockets and I'm hands free.   

All in all, I liked how the pants turned out. 

She's Alive!!! You haven't seen much of me lately :)
BTW, the t-shirt I am wearing is from Pattern Union, the Molly Tee. I've made a pile! Obviously, I love this pattern :)

I just purchased the new cargo pant pattern from Iconic Patterns. You can find it HERE. I haven't given it a try yet, but I really like how the pattern is styled. 

For next week's addition of Sew Cargo Crazy, Cennetta and I will be using the same fabric, just in different colors. Her first pair of cargo's are up on her blog. Be sure to pop over and check them out. You can see her post HERE

And remember...
If you would like to join us, we will be posting at #sewcargocrazy and #sewcargo on Instagram. Hope to see you there!  

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  1. Super cute. I didn't think of using velcro for the pocket closure. I like. Your bottom pocket really looks great. I need to practice a little more with getting the lower placement straight. Next up, 2nd pair of cargo. PS. I'm getting that new pattern too. ;-)

    1. As for the velcro...
      sometimes being lazy is a good thing ;)

  2. I saw the title of this post and thought, Crikey, I just bought a cargo pattern yesterday! It was indeed the Iconic patterns one. I find Lena’s instructions very helpful, her patternmaking is spot on and also the videos on her blog are great. Mine may take some time, sewing seems to be in the go slow currently. Love yours Rhonda, they’re a little shiny and that slick fabric will no doubt reduce fair friction when walking up higher hills!

  3. Ooh how I wish I had the pattern! I could use a pair of cargo pants. I’ll keep an eye out for it on eBay and Etsy!

  4. When you first announced the cargo sewing, I didn't think I was interested in joining you. But then I tried to buy pants for my Cub Scout leader uniform. Needless to say that was a failure. So I may be joining you in a few weeks. Thanks for the Iconic Pattern recommendation. From my searching there aren't a lot of cargo pants patterns for sale these days. If I use the Iconic Pattern, I'll make it a higher rise as I need it to go to my actual waist.