Monday, July 8, 2019

My Quilt Block For Olfa Creates 40th Anniversary Quilt

Last summer, Olfa put out a call, asking for blocks to be designed for their 40th anniversary quilt. I thought it would be fun, so I submitted my idea, and my design was accepted! 

Here's the finished quilt. My block is in the middle row, on the far right side.

Here's a close up of my block. 

Along the edge, I did 4 hourglasses that represent time as well as the 4 decades that Olfa is celebrating. Repeating the theme, there are 4 rows with 4 blocks, and then, the number 40 in the center. The colors that were chosen represent the fun, vibrant colors that Olfa chose for their Splash line of cutters and sewing mats. 

Each week, a different block is featured. My block represents week 23. You can read all about the project HERE

You can find the instructions for my block, along with a template HERE

Although I am not a huge quilter, but I do make a quilt from time to time. This was such a fun project. A big thanks to Olfa for giving me the opportunity!

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  1. Congratulations on having your block accepted. It’s a lovely addition to the quilt

    1. Thx so much Ginger. It was a fun little project.

  2. Very clever use of 40 in the pattern

    1. The '40'looks a little like a football jersey, but it gets the point across :)

  3. Super! Definitely an appropriate block for the quilt.....congrats!