Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Finishing The Magic Bias Dress

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

It's shaping up to be a very busy week. I had to laugh a little yesterday as I was out at the airport, covered in grease. You may remember that I had a tire blow out on me while landing two weeks ago. The best part of the incident is that everyone is amazed by how well I handled it all and the decisions I made. Makes me feel rather good :) The mechanic could not believe that there was no damage to the airplane, the wheel is fine, the cover that goes over the wheel is fine. Great news. Now we are in the process of taking the airplane apart and doing the yearly maintenance check that has to be done. So here I was, covered in grease, by no means a fashion plate! But it keeps life interesting :) I should have taken a few pictures. I'll be back out there in a few days after the parts arrive, so I will share a little of the experience and get pictures.

So from one extreme to another....

The final post for the Magic Bias Dress is up and I am LOVING my new dress!!! I have a meeting to attend today and I would like to wear it, but it's 50 degrees here in Chicago. Better days are coming :) You can find the post HERE on the Sew News blog.

If you do decide to make the dress, by all means consider a border print tie-dye pattern. I think the effect is so pretty.

In the post, we go over the finishing details of the dress, the sleeve, creating the French Piping, and hemming. 

The French Piping method for finishing a seam is so lovely and I can see doing this a lot in the future on necklines and armholes. 

The Sew News post does not include the color clocked dress, or the tunic. I will be doing a follow up post when I announce the winner of the Bias Cut Blueprints book next Tuesday and I will include both of those pieces.

I've really enjoyed creating the dresses and doing the sew along posts. I hope I've been able to take a little of the fear out of creating a bias cut garment. Be sure to check out the Fashion In Harmony website for other patterns and inspiration. 

Remember too that I have a link up going on THIS post, so if you do make the Magic Bias Dress, be sure to share your pictures. The link up will be extended until the end of May, so get your dresses made, I would love to see them!   

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  1. Gorgeous dress! I love the French piping...

  2. I love the possibilities of this dress. Can you post the link to the Magic Bias Dress show and tell? I can find no link on this or the Sew News page.