Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Wednesday Showcase

Before my grandmother died, she wanted to get her will in order and asked if I would like to have her sewing machine. Some of my earliest memories are of sitting under her treadle sewing machine and pushing on the foot pad. It would go, and go, and go, and I would laugh, and laugh, and laugh. Obviously, it didn't take much to entertain me ;) It now sits in a guest bedroom. At the moment it is unusable as it needs a new belt. But I think I have found just the person to inspire me to get it running again....meet Lyric of Sew Lyrically Vintage. Lyric is on quite a journey. She's making her clothes and using primarily this antique hand crank Singer sewing machine. Amazing!!!

Now hold on to your seats as you are going to be blown away with what she creates, like this sweet vintage inspired dress.

She has made a number of Sewaholic Minoru jackets. The one below has a quilted lining and she even made a matching bag! 

Here are the others. Love the fun linings.

Lyric helped a friend learn to sew. She had planned to make the caddy as a gift to celebrate her endeavor and then realized that she could make her own and it would make a great sewing lesson. This would make a great gift...or sewing lesson for anyone who sews or is learning to sew. You can find the instructions for the caddy HERE.

Be sure to check out Lyric's blog. Just a warning, she may have you looking at the non-electrical sewing machine ancestors with a wistful eye!!! 

Next up is gMarie of gMarie Sews. Her name is a combination of her first and middle names. She said that her husband even had her name engraved on champagne flutes. I think he is smitten ;)  

If you have not met gMarie, I think you are going to love getting to know her. She has such a beautiful spirit and she is so very creative. Not only does she sew, she also loves to knit.

This is a girl after my own heart as she loves to make and wear dresses.

Since I am in the process(very long process I might add)of cleaning up my sewing studio, I just had to show you gMarie's lovely space. Talk about magazine ready!

As I scrolled through her blog, look who I found!!! Why is Carolyn of Diary of a Sewing Fanatic! Sewing friends are the best and we do tend to get around :) 

If you aren't able to get out to Seattle to meet gMarie in person, then pop over to her blog and say hello!

Before I go, just a few quick things to share. I talked to a friend of mine a few days ago, a catch up call as we have not talked in a while. Before we said goodbye, she said, "oh, I have to tell you!!! I LOVE the Barb pant pattern." She was so happy with the fit. If you haven't downloaded the pattern, be sure and do so as I don't know how long it will continue to be available for free.  

And finally, I received a message from Angela of My Little Sewing Dreams. She made up  a number of the little owls from THIS post and loved them. She said that they are a great way to use up scraps and make a fun little unexpected gift too!

Isn't it wonderful that we can share and enrich each other's lives? :)

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Thank you for featuring these admirable women. I count you in the category of admirable women, too.

  2. Oh Rhonda - thank you! I feel very blessed to be included!! g

  3. Lots of talent here!! Clothing on a hand crank? Wow!

  4. I enjoyed meeting these lovely fellow dressmakers very much! Also thanks for the reminder to download the Barb pant pattern (I've just downloaded it and will add it to my sewing list :) )

  5. Rhonda - thank you for featuring my friend! She is an amazing woman who can knit anything! I'm constantly begging for socks because she makes the best. And I can attest to the fact that her sewing room is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, as well as fun to sew in!

    1. It was such a hoot to find you on her blog!!!

  6. Absolutely love this post. I, too, remember the treadle machine; however, as a kid I was never able to get it to move more than a stitch at a time!!! Obviously nonelectric challenged am I!!!LOL

  7. I like the idea that we own almost the same old sewing machine. Here is mine: http://siebensachen-zum-selbermachen.blogspot.de/2014/12/weihnachtsgeschenke-2014.html
    It was a Christmas present from my husband. It works fine but I'm not using it. It's just decoration in my sewing room.
    Siebensachen (Germany)