Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunflowers Live On The Edge

What do you do when you have a pretty selvage left over? Well, there are a number of creative things that can be done,
but I decided to make a sunflower! 
The fabric I used for the Hot Patterns Crepe Suzette Clutch and the Patrick Kelly Cocoon Coat had such a lovely selvage, so I cut it off, laid it aside and waited for a little inspiration. A few nights ago, I sat down with a needle and thread and started gathering up the selvage. I initially had no intention of making a sunflower, but the more I gathered, the more it just seemed to evolve into a sunflower.
Here's the unfinished backside. In the center you can see the furry edge of the selvedge.
So I made the center and then attached  2 more rows of the gathered selvage. The center section of the flower has the backside facing up which gave a flat surface to sew the beads to.
To finish the backside, I save all my old leather gloves that have become to worn to wear any longer.
 Simply cut a circle out of the leather.
Before I glue the circle to the flower, I attach a pin. Simply cut 2 slits for the ends to go through.
 The back of the pin will remain on the backside.
Put a small amount of hot glue between the backside of the pin and the leather. This will help to hold the pin in place.
 Apply hot glue to the back of the leather,
and then place on the back of the flower. You may need to go around and add a little more glue to secure the edges.
 Now I have a sweet little sunflower to adorn my clutch, the cocoon jacket or any other outfit that it may go with.

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  1. So cute! What a great idea to use up such lovely fabric selvedges. I never thought of using it in this way, but I have a new yellow cotton with a similar selvedge that would make a great flower...hmmm.... may be using it sooner than I think!

    1. Be sure to send pictures if you do make up a flower! The yellow sounds lovely.

  2. What a lively use of selvedge. This is such a neat adornment. Xx

  3. I just love ideas like this.. fabulous!

  4. Oh how cute! All this week I've been looking up how to make fabric flowers so this is really perfect timing. Thank you!

  5. Ha ha so cute. I love reuse and recycling :)

  6. amazing - made from all the left-overs!!

  7. Thanks Rhonda. I'm working on a linen right now that has a wonderful selvedge and you've helped me decide what is to do with it. Lovely clutch and flower!

  8. Replies
    1. It really was. My eye was hurting and I didn't feel like doing anything too intense, but I was bored and wanted to do something. I was happy that it turned out so well :)