Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday Morning Inspiration

Well, Monday morning has slid into Monday afternoon. So sorry, I should have had myself a little more together this morning. An early morning appointment had me out of the house before I was able to finish my post.
This past weekend I was in St. Louis and saw the production of The Magic Flute for which Issac Mizrahi designed the costumes and directed the opera. I was able to find lots of info, so I'll do a separate post about the production. Needless to say, it was absolutely delightful and the costumes were fabulous.
I've been doing a little research on pocket inspiration and thought I would share a few ideas with you. Anything that adds a little unexpected twist to a garment is pure delight for me and pockets are the perfect place to add unexpected interest. Like the pleated and molded pocket below.

pocket detail - not sure how you would recreate this, perhaps the pleats are fused or hand tacked.
An unexpected round breast pocket.
Clothing from Mason Jung. Shooting by Hunter Magazine.
Pretty ruffle detail that floats into the pocket.
Detailing.  Vintage 1940s Wool Skirt Suit -  Golden Wheat Yellow  Wool Dress Suit Jacket and Skirt.
This is a great pocket. It seems to float in space. A must try. Don't worry, when I do, I'll share the process!!Land blouse minimal fashion mode Dutch design Amsterdam Linda Erkens sober details, pocket, detail, layers,
Vintage garments are always a great source for pocket inspiration.
cool pocket detail made with bias tape by jeannie
I love how the zipper has become a decorative detail on this pocket.
Pocket detail
The pockets become the focal point on this very simple dress.
Golden Accents for Amanda Seyfried. She wore a black and gold Michael Kors shift and satin pumps.
Without the arrow heads, the pockets could be lost.
Loving the pocket detail on this vintage 60s Evan Picone skirt. Gorgeous.
Beautiful tulip design highlighted with bias trim.
scalops pockets!
The binding forms a bow.
Jacket Pocket with Bow Detail
A double row of lips accents this welt pocket.

And finally, such a pretty design from Jeanne Lanvin. Princess line seams are the perfect place to add pockets and show off a design.
Vogue 2160 - 1969 - an interesting example of a design in the bodice blending into the pockets of the skirt

Hope your week is off to a great start. I have a lot to share with you this week, so I'll be back soon!!

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  1. Thanks Rhonda. Just love the detail featured here. Really injects quality into a garment. :)

  2. Some really neat pockets---and I love unusual pockets! Great post!

  3. Thanks for sharing some inspiration. I love pockets of all kinds.

  4. These pockets are inspirational for sure! Thanks, Rhonda. I will be using that jean trick with the zips.

    1. I really liked the zipper detail. It would be fun to add a buttonhole to the corner and a corresponding button so that when the zipper is unzipped, you can button down the corner.

  5. As I scrolled down the post, each pocket was my favorite! Delightful little dressmaker touches.

  6. I know you are a master of sleeve options....and now, pockets! Love it!

  7. Wow, I liked all of these pocket designs!

  8. I think I share your passion for sculptural design elements. I loved everything on your list - loved the black dress and the Lavin design for my daughters.