Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Master Sewing And Design Professional Certification Program

Today's blog post title is one that you haven't seen for a while, sadly.
For those of you who are new to the blog, a quick explanation of what the Master Sewing and Design Professional Certification Program is all about.

The Master Certification Program is a performance based program 
that was developed by the Association of Sewing and Design 
Professionals (ASDP). It is based on ASDP’s Standards of Quality 
and is open to anyone. 
This evaluation of professional custom sewing and design work accomplishes five 
important goals.
• It upholds high standards of workmanship.
• It validates the sewing and design professional's skills.
• It educates the sewing professional in the evaluation of her/his work, aiding in the 
development of skills.
• It provides a benchmark of superior quality for the consumer.
• It encourages and attracts new and talented people to be certified.
To qualify for certification an applicant must:

• Submit an application and pay the required module fees.
• Complete all requirements as stated in the Certification Packet. 
Upon Completion of the program
• One will receive a certificate and be able to use the Master Sewing and Design 
Professional designation on all their business materials. 
• Will be required to complete continuing education units
This program consists of seven modules, each with its specific requirements and methods 
of evaluation. Upon successful completion of all seven modules, a certificate will be 
awarded and the participant will be allowed to use that designation in his/her business.
All evaluators will be carefully screened and approved by the MSDP Board of Directors. 
Blind evaluation will be conducted on all modules except Fit, which will be juried in person 
by a three member evaluation team, and Business Practices which will be evaluated by a 
Small Business Administration Center Director. Applicants will be assigned an 
identification number to be used on all submissions. Blind evaluation will be conducted so 
evaluators will not know whose work they are evaluating and the applicants will not be 
aware of who is evaluating their work. 
You can read more about the program and the 7 Modules here, http://www.paccprofessionals.org/assets/documents/asdp_summary_of_master_certification_program.pdf

I was asked to work through the program and give feedback. You may remember that I do have a degree in Fashion Design. Since I began working on the program, a few things have pulled me off course and taken precedence in my life, i.e. a number of unexpected surgeries last year as well as a very large family issue that I needed to deal with this year. But, I'm ready to get back to work, in fact, I will finally take the test for the Textile module next week.
So, a request....
Tuesday blog posts will be devoted to the MSDP Program until I finish the program. My request of you is to help keep me on track. If by chance I do miss a Tuesday, send me a message and ask me why. Actually, now that I've made the commitment, I don't think it will be too, too difficult as I feel very obligated to carry through on what I've agreed to do. Although, support is always a good thing and so many of you have been a great source of support, and I am so very grateful.  
You may remember the drafting series I started in January. You can find the posts here, http://www.rhondabuss.blogspot.com/search/label/Drafting%20Basic%20Bodice Next
Tuesday I will pick up where we left off with fitting the bodice and I will also post instructions for drafting a sleeve. 
Thanks so much for following along. Hopefully we'll all learn a lot as I work through the process. 

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  1. Rhonda, or will certainly follow along.

  2. I'm looking forward to reading the upcoming posts, and helping keep you accountable! I know we'll all learn a lot from your work. Thanks for including your readers in this process.

  3. Hi, Rhonda

    Best of luck to you. I was wondering if you could give an idea of the cost to complete the program? I checked the website but didn't see the fees for each module.



  4. Its good to see you return to this, you are so thoughtful and talented! I'm glad that you are in a good place to continue with this.
    Very interesting information, I still might consider a career change and this is quite interesting. Qhere would this take you professionally?

  5. I wondered what happened to your plan to do this, now I know. We all have to veer off track for life reasons sometimes, so glad you are back on track now. I'll be tuning in...

  6. I look forward to the sleeve drafting. I'd love to know how to make an elbow dart, and how to make an asymmetric sleeve cap for a better fit :-)

  7. I will enjoy following along as well. I have been curious about the program and have considered pursuing it myself.

  8. Of course, you'll keep your committment, but I'll be following to see your progress.

  9. Few months back I did a lot of research on online courses. Finally I did choose two options to choose from. But sadly reviews on some sites enlightened me that it was hoax colleges online. Dejected I left that idea. This course content looks quite exhaustive. Something exactly I wanted. Hope someday I can pool money to take it up. As of now looking forward to see what you make out of the course.

  10. Good luck! I will be following and urging you on. I may even live a bit vicariously through the process.

  11. Its always a good feeling to get back on track. You know you have alot of ladies here to support and cheer you on!!!