Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Swimming With Da Fishes

Another hokey little blog title :) No sleeping with the fishes here though (from the movie The Godfather), just swimming though dream land!
Ilse sent in another 6 pillowcases for the Mary Bridge Children's Hospital pillowcase drive. They are so bright and cheerful. Ilse, please forgive me if I'm wrong, but I think this is Ilse's third donation to the project.
I just love this print and I've never seen anything like it. What bums me the most about it though is that I'm working on a jacket and this print would make a fabulous lining. Don't worry Ilse, I won't cut up your pillowcases!!!
The sun setting in the background. Rather appropriate I think since our quest is also winding down. With Ilse's additional 6 we now have 841 pillowcases, only 59 more to go. We are quickly closing in on 900. I just have a feeling that we will hit 900 this week! Dreams do come true.
Until the next batch arrives, dream on!!!

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  1. Oh, dear Rhonda... I wish with all my heart that your dream comes true soon. 900 is sooo near!!

    1. We are so close that I can touch it! Thanks for all you did to help make this happen Rosy.

    2. I'm sure you'll make it, the pillow cases are very pretty and what a good cause :)

  2. Just wonderful. Is there a deadline, and are there instructions somewhere? Perhaps Ilsa can tell you where she got that wonderful fabric? It would truly make a lovely lining. I love to put great fabrics on the inside of a jacket or a skirt. With a skirt, it's kind of a delicious secret that only I know, like wearing pretty undies.